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President of Bellinsgauzenia
Президент Беллинсгаузении
Timeline: Great White South


Bronislav Vroom

Since: c/s

Residence Concordia
Appointer Popular vote
Term length 4 years
First holder Sergei Gavrilov
Formation 1926
Deputy Vice President

The President of Bellinsgauzenia (Russian: Президент Беллинсгаузении, Pryezidyent Byellinsgauzyenii) is the head of state, head of government, and commander-in-chief of the United Governorates of Bellinsgauzenia. The president is democratically elected by the citizens of Bellinsgauzenia and is able to serve a maximum of two consecutive terms of four years. The constitution requires that any presidential candidate must be a citizen of Bellinsgauzenia and must've lived in the nation for ten years prior to running. The current president of Bellinsgauzenia is Bronislav Vroom of the Constitution Party.


# Name Picture Took office Left office Political Party Vice President
1 Sergei Gavrilov 60px June 1, 1926 November 1, 1934 Independent Gennady Popov
2 Gennady Popov 60px November 1, 1934 September 12, 1938 Independent  ?
3 Boris Kliugin Boris3 September 12, 1938 October 25, 1946 Nationalist  ?
4 Leonid Itsov Лукомский October 25, 1946 October 20, 1954 Nationalist Werner Dijkstra
5 Werner Dijkstra October 10, 1954 September 20, 1962 Continental Yaroslav Vdovin
6 Yaroslav Vdovin September 20, 1962 September 20, 1970 Continental Alexander Dyakov
7 Alexander Dyakov September 20, 1970 September 20, 1974 Continental Feliks Glebovitch
8 Feliks Glebovich September 20, 1974 September 20, 1982 Continental  ?
9 Oleg Bogomolov KaramanlisNatsinasAgora crop September 20, 1982 September 20, 1990 Progressive Sergey Dudarin
10 Svetlana Krupina Raisa Gorbachev September 20, 1990 September 20, 1998 Progressive Dragoslav Djokovic
11 Dragoslav Djokovic Vlade3 September 20, 1998 September 20, 2006 Progressive Nikolai Petrov
12 Issak Pasternack 5838-711984 September 20, 2006 May 6, 2009 Continental Lev Yuganov
13 Lev Yuganov 60px May 6, 2009 Incumbent
(September 20, 2014)
Continental Ivan Utkin

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