The President of Assiniboia is the Head of State of the Republic of Assiniboia, as well as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and head of the Executive Branch of Government.

Stephen Harper by Remy Steinegger

Current President of Assiniboia Stephen Harper.

The role of President is much similar to that of the President of the United States of America, and has most of the same privileges, responsibilities and checks and balances as does his American counterpart. These include execution of federal law, alongside the responsibility of appointing federal executive, diplomatic, regulatory, and judicial officers, and concluding treaties with foreign powers, with the advice and consent of the Assiniboian Senate. However, the President does not have the power to grant pardon's: this is held by the Justice Committee of the Senate, nor does he have the power to convene or adjourn the Senate, even under extraordinary circumstances, which the President of the US does have. However, this is balanced by allowing the President the rights to introduce laws in the Senate, though no further power is given to him in the Legislative process except to sign or veto the law after the Senate has accepted it.
Assiniboian Presidental Manision

The Assiniboian Presidential Mansion

Another major difference is that the President is directly elected by the people: their is no Electoral College, and the candidate who wins the most districts (usually 51% of districts, which are impartially balanced for equal representation every ten years by an independent body unrelated to the Senate or the Presidency), is named the victor. In the case that no 51% majority is reached, and their is more than two candidates, then a run off election between the candidates who have polled more than 25% of districts is held at least two weeks after the initial election. However, this may not be the case if one candidate concedes before a run off is held, whereas the districts as evenly distributed to the remaining presidential hopefuls, which should give a majority to one candidate. If this is still not the case, then a run off election is still held, albeit without the withdrawn candidate.

The President is elected to a four year term, and the election of president is not to be held at the same time as the Senate elections, which also serve four year terms, although the Senate maybe dissolved before the term is up. The only case that this did not happen was the first election in 1874, when both the President and the Senate were elected at the same time, but the President, Louis Riel, only served an abbreviated two year term. He was re-elected in the election of 1876, and remained President until he resigned in 1880. The current President is Stephen Harper, who was elected for his first term in 2008, and is running for re-election in 2012.

List of Presidents

# Portrait Name Term Length Party Prime Minister Notes
1 LouisRiel1885 Louis David Riel 1874-1880 National Party Gabriel Dumont
2 Gabriel 4 Gabriel Dumont 1880-1884 National Party Charles Sempfort President during Third American War, did not stand for re-election
3 JohnNorquay John Norquay 1884-1892 Unity Party David Howard Harrison
4 Rodmond Palen Roblin Rodmond Palen Roblin 1892-1896 National Party Frederick W. A. G. Haultain
5 Bannatyne Andrew Graham Ballenden Bannatyne 1896-1900 Unity Party William Jacob Dearford
6 HonoreJackson William Henry Jackson 1900-1920 National Party William Melville Martin (1900-1911), none (1911-1912), Kelvin Herbert Goforth (1912-1920) Longest serving President, President during Second Global War
7 William Melville Martin William Melville Martin 1920-1928 Liberal Party James G. Gardner
8 390px-JohnEBrownlee John Edward Brownlee 1928-1932 Socialist Party Howard Carrie Xavier
9 James Garfield Gardiner James Garfield Gardiner 1932-1940 National Party Martin Philips Pushed for movie industry to move to Assiniboia
10 Brandonboosterism3 John Bracken 1940-1952 National Party Samuel Bertand (1940-1948), Kevin Herris (1948-1952) President During Third Global War and start of Scottish War
11 Tommycropped Thomas Clement "Tommy" Douglas 1952-1964 Socialist Party of Assiniboia Woodrow Stanley Lloyd Established Socialized Medicine, reformed the "Studio Town System"
12 426px-Diefmontreal John Diefenbaker 1964-1969 National Alliance Ernest Manning Died in Office, succeed by Vice-President
13 470px-Ernest Manning Ernest Manning 1969-1976 National Alliance Edgar Peter Lougheed Succeed Diefenbaker after he died
14 200px-DavidLewis1944 David Lewis 1976-1980 Socialist Party John Edward Broadbent
15 JoeClark Charles Joseph Clark 1980-1988 National Alliance Ralph Klein
16 Ed Broadbent John Edward Broadbent 1988-1996 Socialist Party Gary Doer
17 479px-Ralph-Klein-Szmurlo Ralph Phillip Klein 1996-2000 National Alliance Gary Filmon
18 Gary Doer Gary Doer 2000-2008 Socialist Party Dwain Lingenfelter
19 Stephen Harper by Remy Steinegger Stephen Harper 2008-present National Alliance Brad Wall

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