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President of Alaska
Президент Аляски
Prezident Alyaski

Timeline: Russian America

Governor John Kasich

Ivan Kasich

Since: September 29, 2015

Style Mr. President
Residence Baranov's Castle
Appointer Electoral College
Term length Six years, non-renewable
First holder Mikhail Luchkovich
Formation September 29, 1931

The President of Alaska (Russian: Президент Аляски, Prezident Alyaski) serves as the head of state and head of government of the Alaskan Democratic Federative Republic, as well as the commander-in-chief of the Alaskan Armed Forces. The office was established in 1931 and was modeled after the presidency of the United States. A total of 15 people have served as president since its creation.


Alaska remains one of the few nations which selects their leader through an electoral college. These electors are allocated to each governorate based on the total number of seats they possess in the General Congress (giving a total of 515 electors, with 258 needed to win the presidency). Electors are selected via a FPTP vote in each governorate. Unlike in the United States (where the winner is usually given all of a state's electoral votes), the majority of Alaska's governorates have adopted methods which give out electoral votes more proportionally.

Those elected to the presidency are only allowed to serve for a single, six-year term of office (being constitutionally barred from holding the office again). This practice is commonly called the Shestiletny (Russian: шестилетний) and was inspired by the Sexenio of Mexico.


Baronoff Castle, Sitka, Alaska, ca 1893 (LAROCHE 23)

Baranov's Castle in 1893

The official residence of the President of Alaska is Baranov's Castle (Russian: Замок Баранова, Zamok Baranova) in New Archangel. The two-story building was constructed in 1836 and was originally the headquarters of the Russian-American Company. The building was colloquially named after Aleksandr Baranov, who was the first Governor of Russian America and a key colonial figure. The use of the word castle was in reference to its prominence within New Archangel (despite technically being a mansion).

The building was partially destroyed in a fire in 1898. It wouldn't be until the 1920s that major renovations and modernization would take place. The mansion became the permanent residence of Nicholas the Younger during his rule, further cementing the building's prominence as an executive mansion. In Alaskan politics, the term Castle (Замок, Zamok) has become a metonymy to refer to the presidency.

List of Presidents

Portrait Name
Term of Office and Electoral Mandate
1 Michael Luchkovich - 1930 (16661079827) Mikhail Luchkovich
Михаил Лучкович
September 29, 1931 September 28, 1937
Teacher, opponent of Nicholas the Younger, and supporter of Alaskan Reunification. Prioritized policies which accelerated economic reintegration, thereby bringing Alaska out of the Great Depression.
2 Pic F E Ferley Taras Taras Ferley
Тарас Ферлей
September 28, 1937 September 28, 1943
3 Yakimischak d3 Dmitry Yakimishchak
Дмитрий Якимищак
September 28, 1943 September 27, 1949
4 Picture.aspx Ivan Gnatyshin
Иван Гнатышин
September 27, 1949 September 27, 1955
5 Earl Warren Portrait, half figure, seated, facing front, as Governor Igor Voronov
Игорь Воронов
September 27, 1955 September 26, 1961
Governor of New Caledonia and first president of Scandinavian descent. Supported massive infrastructure projects. Pushed for stronger military ties with the United States and allowing missiles to be stationed in Alaska (sparking the Alaskan Missile Crisis).
6 Kardash wa3 Vasily Kardash
Василий Кардаш
September 26, 1961 September 26, 1967
Governor of Shelikof and veteran of Communist Alaska. Pushed for the nationalization of key industries and constitutional reforms to expand democratic participation. Establishes Alaska as a neutral country in the Cold War and worked to normalize relations with the Soviet Union.
7 3359481047 163f14c396 n Mikhail Starchevsky
Михаил Старчевский
September 26, 1967 September 25, 1973
8 MuskieEd Yefrem Martsishevsky
Ефрем Марцишевский
September 25, 1973 September 25, 1979
Governor and Senator from New Irkutsk.
9 Eds Eduard Shreyer
Эдуард Шрейер
September 26, 1979 September 24, 1985
10 83956989 Mikhail Dukakis
Михаил Дукакис
September 24, 1985 September 24, 1991
11 Hnatyshyn Roman Gnatyshin
Роман Гнатышин
September 24, 1991 September 30, 1997
12 1447862565528 Rodion Romanov
Родион Романов
September 30, 1997 September 30, 2003
13 Tom Daschle, official Senate photo Foma Dashl
Фома Дашл
September 30, 2003 September 29, 2009
14 Russ Feingold Official Portrait 3 Ruslan Fayngold
Руслан Файнгольд
September 29, 2009 September 29, 2015
Senator from Oregon and first president of Jewish descent. Advocated for the normalization of relations with communist Congo, Ethiopia, as well as other African nations.
15 Governor John Kasich Ivan Kasich
Иван Касич
September 29, 2015 Incumbent

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