President Walker

This timeline explores what might have happened if Walker/Rubio and Sanders/Booker were the candidates instead of Trump/Pence and Clinton/Kaine.


March 23 2015 Ted Cruz announces he is running for President.

April 7 2015 Rand Paul enters the race.

April 12 2015 Hillary Clinton announces her candidature

April 13 2015 Marco Rubio enters the race. 

April 30 2015 Bernie Sanders enters the race

May 4 2015 Ben Carson enters the race

May 4 2015 Carly Fiorina enters the race

May 5 2015 Mike Huckabee becomes the eighth candidate.

May 27 2015 Rick Santorum announces his intention to run for President.

May 28 2015 George Pataki enters the race

May 30 2015 Martin O'Malley seeks the Democratic nomination.

June 1 2015 Lindsey Graham becomes the eleventh candidate.

June 2 2015 Democrat Jim Webb enters the race

June 3 2015 Democrat Lincoln Chafee enters the race.

June 4 2015 Rick Perry enters the race.

June 13 2015 Scott Walker enters the race.

June 15 2015 Jeb Bush enters the race.

June 16 2015 Shock candidate Donald Trump enters the race.

June 24 2015 Bobby Jindal enters the race.

June 30 2015 Chris Christie announces his candidature.

July 21 2015 John Kasich enters the race.

July 30 2015 Jim Gilmore becomes the final GOP candidate.

September 6 2015 Lawrence Lessig becomes the final candidate to run.

September 10 2015 Republican Polls  

Rand Paul 23% Scott Walker 22% Jeb Bush 20% Ted Cruz 17% Marco Rubio 12% Donald Trump 5% Others 1%

Democratic Polls

Sanders 47% Clinton 42% O'Malley 10% Others 1%

16 September 2015 Bobby Jindal (R) withdraws and endorses Jeb Bush.

24 September 2015 George Pataki (R) withdraws and endorses Donald Trump

28 September 2015 Mike Huckabee (R) withdraws and endorses Donald Trump.

Republican Primaries

Democratic Primaries

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