This is the story of Joseph Stalin (1879-1953) 32nd president of the United States, from 1932 to the time of his death, and his reign is marked by his purges of the civilian and military of opposition to his regime, The Great Depression, World War II and the Korean War, which the latter ended several months after his death.

Joseph Stalin was born in Carmel-By-The-Sea, California to Georgian immigrants and grew up in a broken home and received good marks in school, but was brutal toward even to his closest friends. When the United States declared war on Spain after the USS Maine was destroyed by an unknown entity, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and saw combat in Cuba. After returning home, he sees many injustices and joins the Republican Party and runs for mayor for his town.

In 1912, which the liberal Republicans break away from the Republicans and joins the Democratic Party, Stalin runs on the Democratic ticket for senator to California, and defeats his Republican adversary by an overwhelming majority and gains major allies which will help him win the future election, such as Hammer (Molotov) and Franklin Roosevelt (who will later be his rival). During World War I, Russia experiences the communist revolution and the following civil war, and America joins the war and Germany surrenders its arms to the Allied Forces.

During the roaring twenties, when America refused to join the League of Nations and returned to "Normalcy" and the Republicans were the Majority, Stalin maintained his position as state senator, but was gaining momentum.Leon Trotsky succeed Vladimir Lenin in 1924 and the U.S.S.R. is slowly rebuilding the country's devastated economy following the civil war, and Hitler is imprisoned after the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923, which he writes Mein Kampf, which expresses his plans for Germany and the rest of the world.In 1929, several months into Hebert Hoover's presidency, the stock market crashes and drags the rest of the world with it, affects many countries, including Germany, which the Weimar Republic is engulfed by chaos as pitched battles between The Communists and The Nazis over control starts. Stalin decides to run for president of the United States in 1932, with FDR running against him, which Stalin arranges for Roosevelt to be murdered at the governor's mansion in New York and he secured the presidential nomination.

While Campaigning for President, he does speeches wearing farmer's overalls, telling the migrant workers to trust him and he will make things better, which the overalls were the polar opposite of the wealthy Hoover. In November, Stalin defeats Hoover in a landslide, and is inaugurated on January 21, 1933, while Hitler was assuming power in Germany and Trostky was preparing Russia for war. Stalin initiated his campaign promises to repel prohibition and dam the Tennessee River valley following the Floods. Joseph Kennedy, Sr., a fellow Democrat, supported these measures but they were shot down by the supreme court, which Stalin ordered an arrest of the court justices,which they were interrogated and confessed to having ties to Nazi Germany and were executed by firing squad, which Stalin abolishes the Supreme Court, to help gain more power in the federal government. J. Edgar Hoover (an allusion to Laveria Beria), head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), led the investigations, became a close ally to Stalin, rivaling only Hammer.

Huey Long, governor of Louisiana, a loyal supporter, announces in 1934 he will run for the democratic party nomination in 1936, alerting Stalin, which he orders Hoover to send an FBI agent to assassinate Long in Baton Rouge, which is successful and a major crisis.He then establishes many collective Farms in the Midwest and North-western states and nationalizes many banks and industries (murdering the CEOs if they did not cooperate). In 1936, He defeated Kansas politician Alf Landon in a landslide, and barely survived an assassination attempt by a German named Johannes, who confessed to having ties to Hitler. Stalin then ordered Hammer to purge the military of any enemies of the state, murdering George Patton and many others.

In 1939, Poland is invaded by the German army, which Stalin declares America's neutrality while sending arms and money to Great Britain and later the Soviet Union after Germany invades it. On December 7, 1941, the Japanese launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, devastating the US Pacific fleet, but during the attack The Philippines was invaded and Douglas MacArthur was captured and sent back to the US to face trial and was executed along with the commanders of Pearl Harbor. Unlike in our history, Albert Einstein does not write the letter that started the Manhattan Project, and the Pacific War is costlier than OTL, and Germany the declares war on The United States a few days later, now the whole world is at war.

After the victory at Trostkygrad, which the Germans were destroyed while attempting to hold the city, prove the Germans can be defeated and Stalin fears Soviet Domination of Europe and launches Operation: Overlord with Britain and Canada which with the Soviet hammer in the east and the western anvil forced Germany to surrender. With Germany out of the picture, America turns its attention to Japan, which without the Atomic Bomb, decides to invade Japan, AKA, Operation: Downfall, which began on December 21, 1945 with the Soviet Union diverting Japanese troops away from home and Japan fell after Tokyo was seized by American forces led by Omar Bradley captured Hirohito and Tojo, who both committed suicide. Japan formally surrendered on July 4, 1946, ending World War II.

Stalin then discovered that Germany had an Atomic bomb project running during the war, which its scientists were seized and sent to America, so Stalin consulted Albert Einstein about this shocking revelation. When he meets Einstein, Albert admits that he thought of informing Stalin of this powerful weapon, but was frightened by Stalin enough that he was persuaded not to, which Stalin ordered Einstein to be murdered and the rest of the scientists who he decreed were part of a "Professor's Plot", which he stated that conspired to keep the United States on its knees and continued to execute scientists until Edward Teller promised Stalin that he would have an atomic bomb up and running in a few years time.

After the war ended, Germany was divided by the victorious allies. Tensions rose between the Soviet Union and USA, which came to fruition at the Korean War, which The Soviet-backed North Korea invaded American-backed South Korea in 1950, which The United Nations invade and gradually pushed North Korean forces out of Seoul and toward the 38th parallel, until China joined the war on the Soviet side, which stalemated the war. Stalin then died in his sleep in 1953, leaving a brutal but powerful legacy for the future of the United States.