In the 1960 Presidential Election, George Smathers ran for the democratic nomination and won. He wins the Presidential Election, becoming the 35th president of the United States instead of JFK.


Cuba owns Guantanamo Bay.

Relations are better the US and Vietnam as the Vietnam War never happened.

South America and North America relations is bitter as the Alliance for Progress isn't initiated.

Because of the Cuban-American War, Cuba's and Mexico's relations are better whilst the United States' relations with Mexico is very poor.

Cuba is capitalist.


1960: George Smathers is elected the 35th President of the United States of America.

President Smathers doesn't initiate the Alliance for Progress.

An embargo isn't placed on Cuba.

President Smathers sent troops to South Vietnam. This then prevented the Vietnam War. Which stopped the Indochina Wars. He also pushed forward the agreement of neutrality of Laos.

1962: When the Cuban Missile crisis occurred, President Smathers gave Cuba, Guantanamo Bay to appease the Soviet Union if they dismantled their offensive weapons in Cuba.

1964: Barry Goldwater is elected President.

1965: President Goldwater starts the Cuban-American War as he is strongly against communist. The USSR fund some military and tactical support to Cuba in this, mainly guerrilla war. As both sides don't want a Nuclear War, this means both sides use quite cut-throat tactics to try to take war.

1967: Mexico allies with Cuba and attacks Texas.

1968: President Nixon becomes president.

1969: Cuba surrenders and Mexico pulls out soon afterwards. The USA attacks Mexico and Mexico surrenders part of Mexico to the US. This becomes the 51st State 'The State of Mexicali '.

1983: Communist Cuba collapses and becomes capitalist.

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