President MacArthur 1952-1960

It's all over now. The USA is in tatters. The Soviets won. All because of one man.

Rules and Notes

I want people's help. I'm writing a timeline where, instead of Eisenhower, MacArthur won the presidency. The POD is the Eisenhower has a minor stoke and decides to drop out due to health Issues. I will oversee the timeline come to be.


May 1st 1951: Eisenhower suffers from a mild stroke. Although he survives he decides to drop out of the election.

November 4th: After a very close race, General Douglas MacArthur becomes the President of the USA. One of his promises, was to bring victory in North Korea. He said "I'll give them reds hell as your Commander".

January 3rd 1953: A nuke is dropped on Pyounyang. This would be a terrible blow to the Korean Communists. That and a turning point in the war.

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