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The Kerry Administration


John Forbes Kerry, 44th President of the United States in the President Kerry timeline.

President: John Forbes Kerry
Vice President: Hillary Clinton

Secretary of State: Richard Holbrooke
Secretary of the Treasury: Mary Ellen Withrow
Secretary of Defense: Tony Lake
Attorney General: Janet Napolitano.
Secretary of the Interior: Tom Udall
Secretary of Agriculture: Tom Vilsack
Secretary of Commerce:Alexis Herman
Secretary of Labor: Benjamin Cayetano
Secretary of Health and Human Services:Jeanne Shaheen
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Thomas Menino
Secretary of Transportation:Corrine Brown
Secretary of Energy: Jennifer Granholm
Secretary of Education: James Baxter Hunt Jr.
Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Charlie Gonzalez
Secretary of Homeland Security: Susan Collins

White House Chief of Staff: Mary Beth Cahill
National Security Adviser: Nelson Strobridge "Strobe" Talbott

United States Senators United States Governors United States Presidential Election, 2004

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