President Barry Morris Goldwater
Barry Goldwater
Order: 37th President of the United States

{{item infobox|Entered Office|1973}

Left Office: 1981
Vice President: Ronald Wilson Reagan
Preceded by: Hubert Horatio Humphey
Succeeded by: Ronald Wilson Reagan
Born: January 1, 1909
Phoenix, Arizona Territory
Political Party: Republican
Spouse: Margaret Johnson



  • Conservative Republican Barry Goldwater (R-Arizona) announces that he will not be entering the race for the up coming Republican nomination for president in next years general election. Many suspect it is due to President Kennedy's popularity.
  • Henry Lodge and Nelson Rockefellar (R-New York) immediately become front-runners for the Republican nomination.
  • On November 22, President Kennedy narrowly survives an attempt on his life (by shooting in Dallas) however, the Vice President, Lyndon Johnson is shot in the heart and killed. Republican hopes for the White House plunge.


  • President Kennedy is renominated for the position of presidential nominee for the Democratic party unchallenged.
  • Nelson Rockefellar wins the Republican nomination after Lodge's decision to pull from the race after realizing that "the presidency just isn't for me....
  • Kennedy continues to lead against Rockefellar for the rest of the Summer.
  • At the Democratic Convention Kennedy chooses Minnesota Senator Hubert Humphrey to be his running mate. Humphrey accepts immediately with great and staunch eagerness and enthusiasm.
  • At the Republican convention Rockefellar chooses Goldwater to be his running mate. Despite poor indications of what the Republican party has for a strategy Goldwater accepts.
  • Throughout the fall the presence of a liberal and staunch conservative on the Republican ticket increases conservative chances slightly.
  • During the final weeks of the campaign several debates are held. Of the four in total three are presidential and one is vice presidential. All three presidential debates are called in favor of Kennedy against Rockefellar. The vice presidential debate is called in favor (in an expected outcome) in favor of Goldwater.
  • In November on election night there are few surprises as President Kennedy is reelected in a landslide. Republican's lose several seats in the House and Senate.


  • In January President Kennedy is sworn in for a second term.










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