George Bush Sr., 43rd President of the United States.

George Bush (born 12th June, 1924) was the 41st President of the US, not to be confused with his son George Bush Jr, who is an oil tycoon and is not politically active. He was elected Vice President in 1980 when Ronald Reagan became President, and himself became President on 30th March, 1981 when the President was assassinated. He continued to pursue the supply-side economics initiated by his predecessor, a factor which may have been instrumental in his failure to secure a full second term for 1984-88. Its close association with him is betokened by the fact that it is referred to as Bush's Law. However, a more important factor was probably the electorate's perception that he hadn't been democratically elected as President at any point.

His loss to Walter Mondale in the 1983 Presidential Election marked the beginning of the end of the developed world's short-term flirtation with a different economic system.

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