In OTL, Custer had an intent to run for office eventually. This timeline explores the possibility of him getting elected at President of the United States. This is not implausible, because at the time, Custer was heavily idolized and a folk hero, so it is not impossible to see him getting elected as President. In order for this to happen, the United States must have had a victory at Little Bighorn. Also, this timeline will try to figure out Custer's foreign policy and see how it effects other nations.

Differences From OTL

  • Custer did NOT believe in African American equality despite fighting to abolish slavery.
  • Although very brave, Custer did intend to enjoy the spotlight, so it is not implausible to think he would start some unnecessary wars
  • Custer actually was friends with Indian Scouts such a Bloody Knife, and said that if he was an Native American he would resist too, so perhaps Native American treatment would actually be better.
  • He was close friends with Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich of Russia, and it might shape American foreign policy for decades to come, possibly triggering a US military intervention during the Russian Civil War (which would still happen), and Russia might still be under the Monarchy with warm US relations.
  • Custer would likely run as a Democrat, so the Democratic party could be to this day very conservative.


I have just began reading my book on Custer, and have only seen a few documentaries, plus this is my first serious page, so this will take a LONG time.

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