The year is 2010 A.D., the world has been the same for centuries with most of it being covered by natural beauty, none of which can be interrupted thanks to the introduction of "Natural Preservation" by the Asians in 1300's. Now there are only two world powers within this world of wonders: The Ming Dynasty and Empire of Britannia, with one side having the advantage of the most largest manpower and military in the known world while the other controls the oceans with its powerful navy and many resources of the world; both stand only inches from war with only a weapon of death that could possibly kill all humanity and nature as we know it. Welcome to a Preserved World.


An early form of OTL Conservatism forms in Asia and spreads throughout Asia and into Europe. The Black Death would convince most in Europe that preserving the environment could possibly prevent such events from happening in the future, but division among the policy would lead to a war in Europe that would be between Preservation and Non-preservation nations. Religions such as Christianity and Islam would blend in the Natural Preservation with some of the effect being new religions. (For more info, go to the POD page)


Natural Preservation and Aftermath

In 1350 (or close to that date), the Black Death ended with at least 30% - 60% dead and very soon afterwards, the cause of the disease was the main objective of the remaining population and also how to prevent it from happening (again) was another question that an answer was searched for. There were many things people blamed for the disease from happening and all were, unfortunately, not close with some saying that it was God punishing his people for there lazy lifestyle for there sins while others believed that it was because of witches and other dark magic, but overall the answer was not clear to them. Around 1302 A.D. an advisor to Kulug Khan has a dream where there are natural beauties everywhere and everything is peaceful, but suddenly a dark cloud covers the land and fire rains from the sky, the advisor also believes he hears the words spoken in such a strange tone: "In order for this world to be saved this disaster, the natural beauties of the world must be preserved in order for a better future." As soon as he awakens he immediately runs out of his bed and asks the royal guards to arrange a meeting with him, as soon as he gets the chance he tells the emperor everything he had seen in his vision and the words spoken. The emperor is mesmerized by this and he issues an rule that places a boundary on the destruction of natural beauty and with this Natural Preservation is born. The idea of Natural Preservation quickly spreads with the idea being spread next to the White Horde, the Kingdom of Tibet, and the vastly spread out Chagati Khanate and Delhi Sultanate . The idea of preserving wild life and natural beauty is most likely accepted so well is most likely due to the limited uses of such things at the time, it was also adopted because it had no real political effect on the nation and helped relationships between the people and the government improve. This new policy also began the Age of Downfall in Asia where ethnic people would rise against the local rulers and establish there own rule according to there religion and view of the world; one example is the assimilation of the Delhi Sultanate. A lone messenger who carried the proposal for an introduction of Natural Preservation was meet with no audience for the khan was meditating; taking advantage of the moment, Ukhaantu Khan, emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, ordered his men to march straight to Almaliq and kill the emperor for not doing "what is best for his people". They arrived with the people neither scared or joyful of their arrival, they all knew of what was to happen, the men marched straight into Qutb ud din Mubarak Shah's meditation room and executed him on the spot. No sooner did his death came did power shift to the people, who were quick to establish small kingdoms, each of which opposed one another. The idea continued to spread when it finally hit the Middle East, where the idea mixed with the Islam faith and managed to do the same with Christianity, but it caused division as well with the idea of preservation was both ridiculed or respected in which cases caused violence; one example is Jerusalem where rioters of both sides attacked one another and the city was nearly destroyed by the event had the local security broke it up; however, the soldiers were said to kill hundreds, sparking a revolution which managed to cripple the Mamluk Sultanate and bringing it apart. The nations of Europe took advantage of the moment starting with the Byzantine Empire which sent a fleet to Cairo to ensure that the moment be made full advantage of. The fleet is recorded to have destroyed the Mamluks largest fleet, which was stationed there for resting after its trip, and some destruction was made to property situated near the dock. Edward the Second followed up by sending more knights/soldiers to help push the Mamluks out of Israel and to close the 'gate of the Holy Land' to the Muslims once and for all. The result? A shift of power in the Middle East with European powers being the main enforcers of the Middle East, this would help destroy one of the biggest threats to Christianity before the introduction of Naturism.

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