It was a momentous occasion when the McCain/Palin ticket defeated the Obama/Biden ticket during the 2008 Presidential Election. McCain decided to follow Palin's advise which was to point out Obama's association with Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of Obama for 20 years who espouses hateful words such as "God damn America" and "America is still the number one killer in the world", to name two. The New Media helped disseminate the perception that Obama was influenced by Jeremiah's hateful sermons to such an extent that he began to believe Jeremiah's sermons as truth and counterbalanced the bias of the Old Media for Obama overall. It also showed the drawing power of Sarah Palin.

John McCain, meanwhile, did not follow Schmidt's advise to go to Washington D.C. to intervene in the bailout plan to help in alleviating the market because of the mortgage crisis that hit the US on 2008. This reinforced his persona as a maverick and thus endeared him to most of the American populace.

John McCain was inaugurated as the 43rd President of the US of A and immediately started to work in order to stop  the US economy from going downhill. With Sarah Palin shocked after witnessing the crony capitalism in Washington D.C., she went on a crusade to fight it as she has done when she was the Governor of Alaska. However, with the Democrats winning 58 seats as compared to the Republican's 40 seats in the Senate and gaining a majority control in the House of Representatives, it became apparent that Sarah's crusade would be a difficult endeavour to achieve. Still, she waded through the morass that is Washington D.C.

The next year, however, the Tea Party movement gained prominence when the people went to the town hall meetings when Congress were adjourned to ask and debate them on what they will be doing to alleviate their concerns about the US economy. Those from Republican States were especially popular and thus were usually overflowing when these town hall meetings happened. Thus began the Tea Party when some of the people who attended decided to form their organizations at the local level.

Sarah Palin gained a profound respect from the Tea Party when they became aware of what she is trying to achieve. Combined with her charisma, her popularity and her innate ability to persuade both the Democrats and the Republicans to her way of thinking, by the time of the midterm election of 2010, she has succeeded in enacting laws  which combats cronyism and thus help the Republicans win 61 seats in the Senate and also wrests control of the House from the Democrats to the Republicans.

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