Premyslid eagle

Premyslids used this eagle until 1587.

Premyslids are house which ruled Bohemia since the 9th Century and are supposed to come from ancient ancestor Premysl the Ploughman, first known Premyslid was Borivoj I and first king was Vratislaus II, his grandson Vladislaus II was king to and his son Premysl Otakar I got inheritable crown. Premysl's great-great-grandson Wenceslaus III was last king and first emperor. From 1315 to 1326 empire went into regency of Henry of Carinthia and Conrad of Bolštejn. Some of kings were dukes also, Borivoj III was duke of Pilsen and Vladislaus III was duke of Warsaw.


Premyslid Family Tree version 2

Family Tree

Wenceslaus III was the 7th King and the 1st Emperor, his wife Viola of Cieszyn was from the House of Piast and was related to Wladyslaw I the Elbow-High. Wenceslaus's sister Anne married Henry of Carinthia which helped him to become regent to Wenceslaus's sons Premysl Otakar III and Borivoj III. Through marriage Premyslids are related to killed of both Wenceslaus and Henry, Conrad of Bolštejn, who had daughter Margaret who married Wenceslaus's last son Vladislaus. The kingship then went to their first son Vladislaus III. He also had other siblings including John who inherited the duchy of Warsaw from him when he became king and Margaret who became the duchess of Pilsen. Vladislaus then married Mary of England, daughter of Edward IV, making his children related to John I of Luxembourg and Andronikos III Palaiologos. These children were Borivoj IV and Vratislaus of Pilsen.

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