Premysl Otakar III of Bohemia
Timeline: [[Premyslid Bohemia]]

2nd Emperor of Bohemia and Poland
September 6, 1326 - March 28, 1379

Predecessor Wenceslaus III (Premyslid Bohemia)
Successor Borivoj III
Born September 6, 1307
Died March 28, 1379
Religion Catholic
Premysl Otakar III was ruler of Bohemia and Poland joined in Empire of Greater Bohemia and Poland. He was born on September 6, 1307 to Wenceslaus III and Viola of Cieszyn and lived until March 28, 1379 then the ruled passed to his brother. Born to the Empire he was raised in Silesia in our Poland. In February 15, 1315, eight days after his father's murder he was supposed to be put on the throne, but his uncle took the throne instead. On September 6, 1326 on his 19th birthday he finally became king after his step-father and murder of his father took the throne as well. As tried fate made him puppet of John the Blind (who was king in our timeline) who after death of his father on Henry VII of Luxembourg on August 26, 1313. In 1327 he was so believing John he even gave him Duchy of Olomouc and made the Empire into province of Luxembourg. John the Blind became John of Luxembourg, Moravia and when Premysl didn't look he put in and Bohemia. Eventually John died in 1346 as they tried France and England went into war, but not war we know but 13 years war . Premysl send his troops to help France and John even going to war as leader of army. In war at Battle of Rennes on December 29, 1345 John was hit by arrow and thanks to infection he died after midnight of new year so actually in 1346 not 1345. Premysl buried him Zbraslavian Monastery next to his father, there he lay until 1563 when the Monastery was destroyed and all the remains got lost. Premysl him self had lived long and maid people think and nickname House of Premyslids as House of Pride and Filthy Rich. Premysl later past forbidding law which added and Brainless that is said to nerve Premysl so much that heartattack he got on day of his death he got because of it.