The list also includes Maudlands MP's before 1945 Premiers who received the Antarctic Tuzelmann Award are marked with an asterisk (*).

Name Picture In Office Political Party Notes
Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld 1st January 1880 - 5th August 1897 Social Democrat Party First man from Sweden-Norway to set foot on Antarctica
Otto Nordenskiold* 6th August 1897 - 7th of June 1905 Social Democrat Party 2nd Governor, Helped establish the Swedish-Norwegian colony as a major power in Antarctica and oversaw the peaceful transition of Maudland into a Norwegian colony.
Karl Lykke 8th June 1905 - 10th July 1915 Social Democrat Party First MP to the Norwegian Parliament, First member of the Lykke family to take office. Was responsible for the compromise that saved Maudland from violence between its two major groups.
Fridtjof Nansen 11th July 1915 - 13th May 1930 Christian Democrat Party Only MP to die in office
Gunnar Isaacson 14th May 1930 - 13th June 1935 Christian Democrat Party Completed Nansen's 4th term
Matthias Bryn* (MP) 14th June 1935 - 15th December 1945 Maudlandic Independence Party First and last MIP MP for the Norwegian parliament, De facto leader of the Free Norwegian Forces during WWII as well as being Maudland's first de facto independent leader.
Matthias Bryn (Premier) 16th December 1945 - 15th January 1950 Maudlandic Conservative Party Originally part of MIP but changed following the Autonomy Act. Only Conservative Party Premier.
Nicolai Woodwicks 16th January 1950 - 20th December 1955 Social Democrat Party First SDP leader in 35 years, his period in power was marred by his failed reconstruction policies and was a poor public speaker compared to his immediate predecessor.
Anna Lykke 21st December 1955 - 16th October 1970 Labour Party First female Premier, Second Lykke family member to take office. Youngest premier (30) on taking office. Launched a recovery plan for Maudlands failing public sector and led over a period of unparalleled economic success. Her premiership was however troubled by the beginning of the New Swabian Civil War
Thobias Mjoen 17th October 1970 - 30th July 1989 Christian Democrat Party Longest serving premier. Only Premier to be assassinated
Lukas Peterson 1st August 1989 - 14th January 1990 Christian Democrat Party Completed Thobias's term
Tomas Lykke 15th January 1990 - 16th November 1995 Social Democrat Party Previously a General in the New Swabian War. Only Lykke family member not to stand with the Labour party
Anna Lykke 17th November 1995 - 2nd December 2000 Labour Party Oldest Premier, only Premier to die of natural causes while in office. Only Premier to be re-elected after leaving office.
Christian Lykke 3rd December 2000 - 24th July 2010 Labour Party Third Lykke Premier, Completed his grandmothers term before being re-elected. Only Premier to have resigned.
Johanna Nordenskiöld 25th July 2010 - Christian Democrat Party Only Swedish Premier

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