President of the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom of Guanabara
Presidente do Conselho de Ministros
Seal of the Parliament
16-11-2015 Presidente em exercício, Michel Temer, recebe no Itamaraty o príncipe herdeiro da Noruega, Haakon Magnus (23056211942)
Michel Elias Temer

since 30 March 2005
Style O Mui Honorável (English: The Most Honorable)
Member of Chamber of Deputies
His Majesty Government
Reports to His Majesty, the King (officially)
Assembleia Geral
Residence Catete Palace
Seat São Paulo, Guanabara
Nominator His Majesty, the King
Term length No fixed term
Remains in office while commanding the confidance of the Parliament and the King
Precursor Colonial Governor
Inaugural holder José Bonifácio, Duke of Pernambuco
Formation 30 March 1824
Salary 20,000 Cruzeiros/month
The Prime Minister of Guanabara, also called in official documents as President of the Council of Ministers, is an position in the government of Guanabara, being the head of the executive power and responding only to the King (the President during the Dictatorship), in theory, and the Chamber of Deputies, in reality. The Premier, as called in the press, is responsible for the government and makes public policies. Usually its appointed the head of the majority party in the lower house, although exceptions may happen. During the whole history of the independent nation, there has always been a Prime Minister.

Powers and duties

It is the duty of the Prime Minister to:

  • Appoint the rest of the Cabinet;
  • Advise* the King when choosing Judges of the Supreme Court of Justice;
  • Make sure the parliament approves the budget;
  • Set the policies of the Kingdom;
  • Advise* the King to close the Chamber of Deputies and call for new elections;
  • Act as temporary regent util an new King assumes the throne or an permanent regent is appointed by the Senate.

*In reality, the King accepts the indication of the Prime Minister, although the Constitution allows him to refuse. 

List of Prime Ministers of Guanabara

Portrait Name Term start Term end Party Notes
Calixt33 José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva, Duke of Pernambuco 30 March 1824 6 April 1838 Conservative First Premier, appointed directly by Marco I
Pedro de Araujo Lima 1835 Pedro de Araújo Lima, Marquis of Olinda 6 April 1838 30 March 1852 Conservative Assumed after the Duke of Pernambuco passed away
Viscount of rio branco José Maria da Silva Paranhos, Duke of Rio Branco 30 March 1852 30 March 1864 Liberal Won the 1852 elections
Joaquim da Rocha Fragoso - Duque de Caxias, 1875 Luís Alves de Lima e Silva, Duke of Maranhão 30 March 1864 7 May 1870 Conservative Won the 1864 elections
Marques de parana por emilio bauch Honório Hermeto Carneiro Leão, Marquis of Paraná 7 May 1870 30 March 1880 Conservative Assumed party leadership after the defeat of the Duke of Maranhão
Baraodoriobranco José Maria da Silva Paranhos Júnior, Duke of Rio Branco 30 March 1880 10 November 1891 Liberal Won the 1880 elections
Joaquim Nabuco 1904 Joaquim Aurélio Barreto Nabuco de Araújo, Marquis of Araguaia 10 November 1891 30 March 1900 Liberal Assumed party leadership after the defeat of the Duke of Rio Branco
General Manuel Luiz Osorio, em 1866 Manuel Luís Osório, Marquis of Santa Cruz 30 March 1900 10 February 1911 Conservative Won the 1900 elections
Marquis of tamandare 1873 Admiral Francisco Manuel Barroso, Marquis of Paraguai 10 February 1911 1 June 1918 Conservative Assumed party leadership after the defeat of the Marquis of Santa Cruz. Deposed by a coup
Washington Luís (pintura) altered Washington Luís Pereira de Sousa 1 June 1918 1 June 1922 Republican Union Appointed by President Wandenkolk after the coup. Unable to keep stability
Epitacio Pessoa (1919) Epitácio Lindolfo da Silva Pessoa 1 June 1922 1 June 1924 Republican Union Appointed by President Wandenkolk. Also unable to keep stability
17 - Getúlio Dorneles Vargas 1951 altered Getúlio Dornelles Vargas 1 June 1924 24 August 1954 Independent (until 1930), União Nacional (since 1930) Appointed by President Wandenkolk. Ruled as a fascist inspired dictator until his suicide
Cafe Filho altered João Fernandes Campos Café Filho 24 August 1954 30 March 1958 União Nacional (reformed in 1956), Guanabarean Labour Party (since 1956) Appointed by President Peixoto after Vargas suicide. Lost power peacefully at the 1958 elections
Barao do Amazonas Francisco III Manuel Barroso, Marquis of Paraguai 30 March 1958 30 March 1965 Independent Elected at the 1958 elections. Organized the current Democratic Guanabarean Party. Resigned after the restoration of the monarchy. Grandson of the last Premier before the coup
Ranieri Mazzilli (1961) Pascoal Ranieri Mazzilli 30 March 1965 9 September 1967 Democratic Guanabarean Party (PDG) Party leader, assumed the premiership after the resignation of the Marquis of Paraguai
Ulysses nas Diretas Já Ulysses Silveira Guimarães 9 September 1967 15 March 1978 Democratic Guanabarean Party (PDG) Assumed party leadership after the defeat of Mazzilli
Tancredo Neves Tancredo de Almeida Neves 15 March 1978 30 March 1980 Democratic Guanabarean Party (PDG) Assumed party leadership after the medical license taken by Guimarães
Mário Covas Mário Covas Júnior 30 March 1980 2 October 1982 Monarchist Guanabarean Party (PMG) Won the 1980 elections
Brazil.FernandoHenriqueCardoso.01 Fernando Henrique Cardoso 2 October 1982 30 March 1985 Monarchist Guanabarean Party (PMG) Assumed party leadership after the defeat of Covas
ACM 2007 Antônio Carlos Peixoto de Magalhães 30 March 1985 30 March 1990 Social Democratic Party Won the 1985 elections
Fernando Collor sorrindo Fernando Affonso Collor de Mello 30 March 1990 28 August 1992 People's Monarchist Party (PMP) Leader of the biggest party after the 1990 elections. Didn't rule with a majority
Itamar Franco Itamar Augusto Cautiero Franco 28 August 1992 30 March 1995 Social Democratic Party (PSD) Formed a coalition that passed a motion of no confidence in the PMP government
Ministro Moreira Franco Wellington Moreira Franco 30 March 1995 30 March 2005 Democratic Guanabarean Party (PDG) Won the 1995 elections. Resigned after 10 years in government
16-11-2015 Presidente em exercício, Michel Temer, recebe no Itamaraty o príncipe herdeiro da Noruega, Haakon Magnus (23056211942) Michel Miguel Elias Temer Lulia 30 March 2005 Incumbent Democratic Guanabarean Party (PDG) Won party leadership contest in 2005