300px-Formosa Seal-1.svg

Flag of the Prefecture of Taiwan.

The Prefecture of Taiwan (Traditional Chinese:台灣地區Táiwān dìqū Japanese, 台湾の県Taiwan no ken) is a prefecture of the Greater Japanese republic, usually known as Japan. The Prefecture is the third biggest prefecture of the Republic, both in terms of inhabitants and in terms of large of the Island. It is also the second richest prefecture of Japan following Hönshü.

Following the annexation of Taiwan by Japan due to the treaty of Shimonoseki, Japan constantly invested and developed in the Island to satisfy the natives, who were discontented with the policy of exploitation that the Qing Dynasty had practiced in the Island. One of the first acts of the Japanese Government, that had approved its first modern constitution months earlier, was the abolition of feudalism in the new Japan's prefecture, (Imperial Decree on the Abolition of the Feudalism of November 4th, of 1895.

The Chinese language, written in its traditional characters, was declared to be the "official and main language of the island for best communication to serve the people of Taiwan in their native language" (Japanese: 母国語で台湾の人々に奉仕するための最良のコミュニケーションのための島の公式と主な言語 Haha kokugo de Taiwan no hitobito ni hōshi suru tame no sairyō no komyunikēshon no tame no shima no kōshiki to omona gengo) Traditional Chinese (官方語言和主要的島嶼最好的溝通,為台灣人民在他們的母語Guānfāng yǔyán hé zhǔyào de dǎoyǔ zuì hǎo de gōutōng, wèi táiwān rénmín zài tāmen de mǔyǔ) while Japanese was to be the "second official language, to be used in the relations with the Imperial Government" (when the Republic was Declared the Central National Government).

The Island, though not exploited, is by far the most productive and technologized Island of Taiwan, who leaded the technologization of Japan (while the rest of the country leaded the westernization before Japan became the main electronic producer in the World).

Many electronic or video-gaming sector companies have hubs in Taiwan like IBM, which in this ATL did not disappear due to the buying of the company by Taiwanese Investors, and its OTL web browser IBMexplorer is the leading web browser in Japan.

In 1940 Lee-Hsien-Tung, a Taiwanese politician, was elected Prime Minister of Japan in the second year of the second world war for the Liberal Party.

Schools in the Prefecture teach only in Traditional Chinese applying a linguistic immersion system.

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