The Predator franchise is a trilogy of action/science fiction films that began with the original in 1987 and ended with the third in 1993. The series follows different humans as they attempt to elude a race of extraterrestrial hunters (the titular 'Predators') hidden across Earth and discover their agenda in being present here. The first and third films starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as 'Dutch' Roberts, a US Special Forces leader first ambushed by one of the creatures in the Darién jungle of Colombia in the summer of 1987, while Danny Glover starred in the last two films as LAPD Lt. Michael Harrigan, a man initially caught up in the fight with the Predators amidst a turf war in Los Angeles in 1997. Dutch and Harrigan reluctantly join forces in 2000 when a third Predator makes an appearance on a remote island off the coast of Central America after reports surface of a mysterious creature there. This would later set the stage for the events of 1995's Alien vs. Predator (which picks up forty-eight hours after the conclusion of Predator 3).


Predator (1987)

Predator 2 (1990)

Predator 3 (1993)



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