First Steam Engine

Over 2000 years ago, the Egyptian scientist, engineer and Mathematician Hero, or Heron, invented a device which used steam to drive a primitive motor. In our world, the ancients never devised a use for such a strange contraption. After all, they had slaves to do it!

In the Althistory though, Hero was struck with an idea, he set up his engine then attached it to a system of wheels, and he made a small contraption travel. Soon this technology exploded. Steam ships where created which allowed the People of Egypt to travel in weeks what took the rest of the world months or Years. Steam trains meant that if their empire was ever attacked, troop could travel by train and arrive at the battle field within a day or two. The Empire was now unstoppable. Eventually, the empire spread worldwide, nothing ever stopping it. Until finally they had arrived at Having a multicontinental empire encompassing the globe.

New Technology

This was not the end however, by now, Hero had grown old and died, and his great-grandson came upon another idea, he realised that steam was not the most effective power however, within two hundred years of Hero's idea, A new one had replaced it. By burning coal, and pushing pistons which turned wheels much more effectivly, internal combustion.

Suddenly the planet accelerated. Cities could now be enormous. This power provided was phenomenal, and increased the development of another new idea, electricity. Automobiles were developed, just 300 years AD! Boats were now faster still. Several Decades later, an Egyptian named Hero Wright flew the first ever flying machine. And within decades still commercial Airlines took off.

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