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Capital Korus
Largest city Korus
Language Novus
Religion none
Population Two Billion 
Currency Lucrum
The Praedonii (singular Praedon) are a species of travellers, attacking cargo ships and other vessels for the food they need to survive. They possess high levels of intelligence and are experts in genetic technology (an invention unique to them). Despite their crude hunting techniques the species has expanded steadily for many years. The Praedonii are also very fond of money.


Praedonia was once a powerful planet, with nearly half a billion inhabitants at its peak. However, the people were warlike and had many arguments. A previous missile network had been built up throughout the planet to defend against any invasion. However, when the tension between the countries was expelled in a declaration of war, the missiles were launched, all of them hitting their targets within nine hours.

Many countries were not directly hit by the strikes, but knew that soon the radiation would destroy them. In desperation, they launched every available spacecraft, saving as many lives as they could. The survivors were given one objective: 'find another planet to colonise and don't mess it up'.
Flag of Praedonia

Flag of Praedonia

After searching around for over a century it was decided that there were no planets that could be safely colonised. Instead, the expanding fleet would remain in space, trading the resources it could with neighbouring peoples.

However, one scout ship came across a damaged fighter while exploring space. This fighter had limited Hyperdrive capabilities, and the scientists managed to expand on it and recreate it to be used in the general military. This happened around the same time that the Genetic technology was being developed (see Technology). It was decided that with this technology they may be able to alter their way of life - effectively become pirates, raiding any available ships (unless they had a previous agreement with the owner not to do so). This way of life was liked by the Palaedonii people and they continue that way to this day. They also mine several planets for valuable materials and trade them with other species for resources.

They returned back to their home world several times but it was deemed impossible to recolonise due to the radiation and the infertile land. The term 'Praedonia' has come to refer to the 'nation' ruled by the Praedonii.


While in space, the Praedonii intercepted a number of vehicles. One of their most notable achievements was intercepting a ship containing hyperdrive technology while it was suffering a malfunction. However, what is widely regarded as the greatest achievement in Praedonii history is the invention of genetic technology.

Genetic technology

This powerful technology, unique to them, was first invented as a way of combating a series of viruses aboard their ships. The eradication was successful, and eventually succeeded in eliminating any diseases or viruses that could affect them.

Later on, a theory was established that the technology could be used to alter the DNA in a different way - perhaps to enhance the physical or mental aspects of the Palaedonii physiology. After a number of tests and many failures, (including several fatalities) the technology was brought in for common use in their military.

It works upon the principal of Shifts - a shift can be created on a computer, and then is replicated in real life by altering the DNA of a member of our species. The Praedonii currently have over ten thousand Shifts entered into our database, and nearly one thousand are available for common use.

In an attempt to increase the power of this technology, the experimental 'GI' units came under construction, tiny units that are used to deploy a Genetic Virus onto the ship. They will attach themselves to the outside of the ship and emit waves through the outer casing of the ship. These waves, if they successfully reach the enemy, will alter their physiology to such a degree that their own bodies will be harmful to them, but at the moment it takes around two thousand units to pull this of successfully. As of yet, this branch of the technology has not been successfully tested, although scientists are confident that the units are ready.


The fleet of the Praedonii is divided into six Segments, each of similar size and number. Below is a list of ships that can be found in a typical segment:

  • 1 Command ship - Command ships usually have very little or no firepower and are usually focused on defence, with the strongest shields in the fleet. They broadcast instructions and battle plans to the rest of the segment, as well as long - ranged messages to the other segments.
  • 3 Battleships - These are colossal in size and power. Each possesses at least one Hyperdrive engine, as well as a full complement of the latest genetic technology.
  • 1 Science ship - These are used, as the name suggests, to conduct scientific research.
  • 5 - 8 cruisers - Cruisers are smaller versions of Battleships, with slightly less firepower. Again, all possess Hyperdrive engines, and most are equipped with the latest technology.
  • 10+ scout ships - Scout ships are tiny, with room for only two Praedonii maximum. The fact that they are so small makes them difficult to detect, making them useful for scouting out enemy movements without being noticed. Larger segments may have up to twenty of these ships.
  • 50 - 200 fighters - Fighters are designed for only one Praedon. They make up the bulk of the fleet. A common tactic used by the fighters is to swarm around their opponent, using their great numbers to their advantage. Fighters are also equipped with genetic technology so that when they are invading a planet they can transform into a form that is more adapted to that environment.
  • 100 - 5000 GI units - Although not technically ships, these are often considered a crucial part of any segments' armada. GI stands for Genetic Infiltration. The units are tiny, barely visible, and are used to swarm into enemy ships, deploy their weapon onto the ship (see Genetic technology).

Notable individual ships or crafts

  • PRACOM - Praedonii Resource And Communications Omission Model. This is the command unit that relays orders and instructions to the entire Praedonii fleet. Its current location is known only by the most senior officers to protect its existence. The exact size is unknown, but it is speculated to be the size of around a small moon. In addition to its main command activities, nearly all of the research for the fleet is conducted here.
  • SS Revelation - The most powerful battleship, which doubles as a command ship. It has all of the most updated technology, four Hyperdrive engines, and a weapons system unmatched by any other ship in the fleet. It is also one of the only ships that receives orders directly from PRACOM.
  • SS Discovery - A scout ship, the fastest and most powerful scout in the fleet. It has a crew of only six Praedonii.
  • SS Mirage - A research ship which is also occasionally used as a Cruiser. Most notably the Mirage is the AI command vessel for the GI units, and if necessary can take control of every single one of those units. It is currently stationed near PRACOM.
  • SS Beholder - A fighter piloted by the infamous Curos Navita. Little else is known.
  • SS Silverblade - Currently under construction. When completed, it will be second in power only to the Revelation. It is being constructed so that, in the event of war, the Praedonii will have further means of defending themselves and attacking their enemies.

The Forge

Because of the Forge, the Praedonii had over a thousand spies disguised as humans in the various human colonies. They also had a large fleet stationed in the Sol System, which was actively communicating with the humans for various reasons.

Because of the huge power of the Stone Dog, and the Praedonii love for power and violence, the leaders of the Praedonii have made secret decisions to try to capture it as soon as is possible. Until then, little is known about what the Praedonii plan to do while inside the Forge's shield.

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