A work-in-progress page, worked by Sei-san and Darvince and Mudkipz.

The world oversaw a Swedish attempt to claim independence destroyed by the forces of the Kalmar Union and her allies during 1470-71. This has set back any Swedish nationalism by far, and this begins to stir up trouble in parts of Europe, fearing another great power arising as the Kalmar Union unites as one nation. Would Europe ever be the same again, with new troubles to come?


This timeline is basically about the Swedish attempt to gain independence in the Danish-Swedish war of 1470-71. This ultimately fails, and Denmark begins to strengthen the union, making it into a political one in 1559. This begins to change most of the history of Europe, compared to our timeline, and they will set off in a grand adventure, such as a Scandinavian America to the first group of Scandinavians to land on the Moon.



(Very WIP)

  • 1470 - Sweden tries to assert independence, but fails
  • 1524 - Protestantism spreads to Scandinavia
  • 1533 - Civil war after the death of Frederick I of Scandinavia, Christian III wins
  • 1550 - A large rebellion occurs in Stockholm and Oslo, both fails
  • 1559 - The Kalmar Union turns into the political union, the Union of Scandinavia
  • 1569 - Scandinavia establishes relations with Poland-Lithuania.
  • 1615 - Scandinavia, for the first time, establishes a permanent colony on North America, named Ny Firtal
  • 1625 - Scandinavia intervenes on the Protestant side in the Thirty Years' War
  • 1648 - The war finally ends, with many territories/riches going to the Protestant side
  • 1691 - A personal union is formed between Poland-Lithuania and the Tsardom of Russia, with P-L leading so.
  • 1701 - Spain forces a political union with Portugal once again, which they hastily accepted: the Iberian Union is formed.
  • 1739 - American colonists demand semi-autonomy, which is granted.
  • 1792 - Scandinavia allies with Napoleonic France, declaring war on her enemies.
  • 1814 - After many attempts of convincing, Scandinavia goes over to the Coalition side.
  • 1816 - The Treaty of Vienna is signed, ending the Napoleonic Wars.
  • 1848 - Scandinavia is gradually turning more liberals after waves of the Liberal Revolutions swept over Europe.
  • 1862 - The South German Confederation is formed after Austria says to counter threats of other European powers, Scandinavia in particular.
  • 1867 - The SGC and Iberia divide up Italy into two republics: the Republic of North Italy and the Iberian Dominion of the South Italians.
  • 1871 - The SGC declare war on France, starting the First French-South German War.
  • 1876 - The war ends, with the victory going to the Southern Germans gaining territories. Meanwhile, France experiences a socialist revolution, turning into the Socialist Republic of France.
  • 1888 - First permanent Scandinavian colonists set foot in the Congolese Rain forest.
  • 1890 - The world holds a conference on about the African colonies, setting claims for countries.

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