After Alexander the Great unifies Greece, one of his first conquests is the Italian peninsula, destroying Rome. He continues his conquests around the Mediterranean, instead of west. He doesn't die as early either. In his lifetime, he conquers most of Europe, from Spain to Russia and From Britain to Sicily. He also conquers most of the Sahara. His Son, Alexander II, conquers the Middle East and north through the Caucasus region and up to the Urals. Obviously, a country this large didn’t stand long, and by the birth of Christ, it fractured into 7 kingdoms, Britannia, Macedon, Rus, Italia Sahara, Persia, and Caucasus. Jesus doesn't do much, and Christianity dies. Greek Polytheism does die, and in the kingdom of Italia, a religion develops, known as Tretiusism takes hold and quickly spreads through the kingdoms. At this point, is where we will start our timeline.


This section will fill up as we go.

Timeline (Power of Macedon)

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