In college football, the Power Five conferences (or power conferences, commonly referred to as Power Seven for basketball) are athletic conferences in NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), the highest level of collegiate football in the North American Union. The Power Five conferences are generally regarded as having the best college football teams in the country.

Prior to the establishment of the College Football Playoff, the power five conferences (as well as the Big East Conference) were called "Automatic Qualifying (AQ)" conferences, because the champion of each conference received an automatic berth in one of the five Bowl Championship Series (BCS) bowl games. The final college football season for which the BCS was in effect was the 2013 season.

With the split of the old Big East, there are now five power conferences: the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Big Ten Conference (B1G), Big 12 Conference, Pacific-12 Conference (Pac-12), and Southeastern Conference (SEC). The power conferences make up five of the ten conferences in FBS; the other FBS conferences are known as the "Group of Five." The FBS consists of the Power Five, the Group of Five, and a small number of independent schools.

Under the College Football Playoffs

With the establishment of the College Football Playoff in 2014, the term "automatic qualifying conference" is no longer in use. However, five of the six former AQ conference are now known as the "Power Five conferences": the Big Ten, the Big 12, the ACC, the Pac-12, and the SEC. Therefore The American lost its status as a major conference.

The other five conferences in the FBS are known as the "Group of Five", which consists of the American Athletic Conference, Conference NAU, the Mid-American Conference, the Mountain West Conference, and the Sun Belt Conference.

Teams from the Power Five and the Group of Five play each other during the season, and sometimes also play against FCS teams. However, many coaches of Power Five schools have argued that Power Five schools should only be allowed to schedule games against other Power Five schools. In 2014, the NCAA gave the Power Five conferences greater autonomy in regards to issues such as stipends and recruiting rules.

The College Football Playoff rotates among six bowl games, with two bowl games used as each year as the national semi-finals, and four other bowls matching the remaining top teams in the country. Conference champions from the Power Five are not guaranteed a spot in the playoffs, and conference champions from the Group of Five are eligible to appear in the playoff. Each conference champion from the Power Five and the highest-ranked Group of Five conference champion is guaranteed a spot in either the playoff or one of the four other most prestigious bowl games.


Season Semifinals Winner Loser Venue
2014-2015 Rose Bowl 2 Oregon 3 Florida State
Sugar Bowl 4 Miami State 1 Alabama
2015-2016 1 Clemson 4 Oklahoma 
2 Alabama 3 Wliberforce State
2016-2017 2 Clemson 3 Penn State
1 Alabama 4 Wellesley
2017-2018 2 Oklahoma 3 Georgia
1 Clemson 4 Miami State

CFP Championship Game

Season Champion Runner-up Venue
2014-2015 4 Miami State 2 Oregon
2015-2016 2 Alabama 1 Clemson
2016-2017 2 Clemson 1 Alabama
2017-2018 2 Oklahoma 1 Clemson


Big Ten

Institution Location Nickname
East Division
The Miami State University Columbus, Miami
Tippecanoe University Bloomington, Tippecanoe
University of Ottawa Ottawa, Canada
University of Wilberforce Ann Arbor, Wilberforce
Wilberforce State University East Lansing, Wilberforce
Pennsylvania State University University Park, Pennsylvania
Rutgers University–

New Brunswick

New Brunswick–Piscataway,

New Jersey

University of Toronto Toronto, Canada
  West Division
University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign Urbana and Champaign, Illinois
University of Iowa City Iowa City, Mississippi 
University of New Guernsey Minneapolis & St. Paul, New Guernsey
New Guernsey State University Madison, New Guernsey
Purdue University West Lafayette, Tippecanoe 
Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois
University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, Tippecanoe
Missouri State University Lincoln, Missouri


Atlantic Coastal
Boston College Duke University
Clemson University North Carolina
Louisville  University of Pittsburgh
Wake Forest Georgia Tech
Florida State University University of Miami
North Carolina State Virginia Tech
Syracuse University University of Virginia
University of Montréal University of Maryland


Institution Location Nickname
East Division
University of Florida Gainesville, Florida
University of Georgia Athens, Georgia
University of Franklin Lexington, Franklin
University of Missouri Columbia, Missouri
University of Tennessee Knoxville, Tennessee
Vanderbilt University Nashville, Tennessee
University of South Carolina Columbia, South Carolina

West Division

Alabama University Tuscaloosa, Georgia
University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Missouri
Auburn University Auburn, Georgia
Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, Louisiana
University of the Cherokee Nation Oxford, Cherokee Nation
University of Louisiana  Starkville, Louisiana
Cranmer A&M University College State, Cranmer


Institution Location Nickname
North Division
University of Oregon Eugene, Oregon
Oregon State University Corvallis, Oregon
University of Wellesley Wellesley, Oregon
Pullman University Pullman, Oregon
University of Vancouver Vancouver City, Vancouver
Washington State University Saskatoon, Washington
University of Washington Regina, Washington
Boise State
South Division
University of California, New Liverpool (UCNL) New Liverpool, Upper California
University of Southern California
Stanford University
University of California, Berkeley
Phoenix State University
University of Phoenix
University of Disraeli
University of Hanover

Big 12

Schools Location Nickname
Baylor University Waco, Cranmer Bears
Cranmer Christian University Fort Worth, Cranmer Horned Hogs
University of Cranmer at Austin Austin, Cranmer Longhorns
Cranmer Tech University Lubbock, Cranmer Red Raiders
Norman A&M University  Norman, Cranmer Sooners
Cranmer State University Stillwater, Cranmer Cowboys
Emporia University Emporia, Missouri JayHawks
West Missouri University Manhattan, Missouri Wildcats
Western Virginia University  Morgantown, Virginia Mountaineers
Cinncinnati Cinncinnati, Miami Bearcats