Postsparkasse / Postatakarékpénztár (PSK/PTP)

1919, merge of the Österreichische Postsparkasse and Magyar Királyi Postatakarékpénztár

Main Joint Offices Vienna (German Austria) and Budapest (Hungary) and 12 state offices

The Postsparkasse/Postatakarékpénztár (PSK/PTP), created in 1919 a result of the merge of Österreichische Postsparkasse and Magyar Királyi Postatakarékpénztár, is the main postal savings bank of Austria-Hungary.

The PSK/PSP is part of the Imperial and Royal Postal and Telegraph Administration, making it a federal entity. More then 4,000 post office branches located throughout the Austria-Hungary offer their postal savings service to customers. It operates the national payment system of cashless transfers (Scheckverkehr) and money transfer.

See also Austrian-Hungarian Bank

State branches

StatePosta office branchpostal savings bank branch
Austria-Hungary Imperial and Royal Postal and Telegraph Administration PSK/PTP
Bohemia c. a k Česká pošta Poštovní spořitelna
German Austria k.u.k. Österreichische Post PSK-Österreich
German Bohemia k. u k. Post Bohemia-PSK
Hungary cs. és kir Magyar Posta Magyar PTP
Illyria c. i kr. pošta Poštanska Banka
Istria c. i kr. pošta / I e R Poste State branch of PSK/PTP
Ruthenia (former East Galicia) i. a k. rposhta Poshtovyy bank
Silesia k. u k. Post Silesia-PSK
Slovakia K. a I. Slovenská pošta Poštové Banka
Slovenia (former Carniola) c. in k. Pošta Slovenije Poštna Banka
Szeklerland cs. és kir Szeklerland PTP
Transylvania R. și I. Poșta Transilvăna Banco Poștal
Trentino I e R Poste Banca Postale
West Galicia (until 1926) C.K.I.  Bank Pocztowy

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