The Post-War period refers to any period directly after a war. The Interbellum (1919-1938) is understood as the period between the Great War that ended in 1919 and the start of the World War which started in 1938 in Europe and 1937 in Asia. This period is split into two periods the Post-War years which were an era of great social and political problems, and the Road to War Period which is thought to have started in 1925 with the rise of Fascist Italy, and Ultra-Nationalist Russia.

Brief Summary of the Post-War

Following the end of the great war in 1919 Europe was in complete and utter chaos. Eastern Europe was being engulfed in a new conflict known today as the Eastern Crisis centered around the Russian War and the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires. France and Italy were in economic and military ruin while political and social upheaval grew. Meanwhile the once great British Empire found itself in a world it no longer dominated and with trouble close to home in Ireland. 

A series of Communist and Nationalist revolts occurred in Germany and Austria Hungary. Eastern Europe soon fell into a greater Eastern European conflict which would last until 1924 when the German-led coalition finally brought order to the region.

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The Eastern Crisis: A new Order in Eastern Europe

In the aftermath of the peace of 

Events and entities related with the post war era

  • Eastern Crisis
    • Russian Civil War
    • Austro-Hungarian Civil War
    • Greater Poland uprising
    • Sparticist Uprising and the assasination of Wilhelm II
    • Rise of Ultra-Nationalist Russia
    • Ottoman Civil War
    • Hungary-Romania War
    • Formation of Mitteleuropa
    • Second Russo-Japanese War
    • Ukrainian Pogroms
    • The Freikorps
    • Constitution of 1924
  • Indian Revolt
  • America: the Great War and The Post War
  • Banana Wars
  • Irish War
  • Italian Revolution
  • Vietnamese Revolt
  • Chinese Warlord Period
  • Iraq Revolt
  • Syrian Revolt
  • Colombian-Venezuelan War
  • Post Revolution Mexico
  • more to be added later

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