Post World War Two

  • Britain unveils its own form of Blitzkreig, it invades Spain and divides France with Germany.
  • Without Japanese consultation, Hitler and Bevin divide allied colonies.
    Axis Map

    1947 Post World War

  • In London Bevin is declared as a hero and a statue is erected in his honour.
  • Three months after the war, despite war debts, Britain returns as the largest economic superpower, United States remains second.
  • In 1948 Japan start complaining about its share, it hints at wanting the United States.
  • In 1949 the healthcare reforms introduced by the newly elected Conservative government causes anger in the States, they call on their president, Truman to re-instate the British sovereignty, faced by the possibility of a Japanese invasion, he reluctatly accepts.
  • In 1950, the three superpowers sign a final border treaty in New York, all international meetings are agreed to take place there.
  • The British Empire consists of 60% of the planet, the German Reich 30% and Japan the remaining 10%.
    Axis Map - Post Treaty

    Final Boundary Agreement

  • In 1951 a poll concludes that English is the easiest language of the three to learn, Bevin convinces Hitler to accept.

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