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东北; 東北; Dōngběi
Former region of China
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg
1983–1991 Flag of Manchuria (Doomsday).png
 - Established September 26th, 1983
 - Disestablished 1991

The territory of Manchuria was a large territory located in Northwest China. Before the nuclear war in 1983 the area was under Chinese control, and had remained so since the conclusion of the Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation, operated by the USSR in 1945.The territory became a base for the Chinese People's Liberation Army during the Chinese Civil War, which ensued from the end of World War II until 1949. The region was also used to transport Chinese forces in the Korean peninsula during the Korean War. The region was also a commonly disputed border between the USSR and China, culminating in the 1969 Sino-Soviet Border Conflict.

Today the entire area of Manchuria is under Siberian control, with the north controlled by The Manchurian Socialist Republic (Mandarin: 东北社会主义共和国, Russian: Маньчжурский Социалистической Республики), a constitutional republic of the USSR, and south as the Manchurian Territory.

After the apocalypse the area of Manchuria was ravaged and fell into the hands of numerous warlords and gang leaders, scrambling for control of the region. The region had no clear government or central organization, but was instead led by local rulers.

The area of Manchuria was heavily targeted by nuclear strikes during the nuclear war. The region's important industrial infrastructure was targeted by several strikes, crippling the local government immensely. The region eventually fell into anarchy, with looting and other crimes being quite common. Several local military leaders began fighting for control, some claiming to be the true successor of the Chinese nation. Many refugees fled to the USSR and other neighboring region, searching for any grasp on stability.

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