The Post-Union States are the nations that resulted after the Dissolution of the United States in 1986. The Post-Union States are

The Confederate States of America, former American South, including Missouri and Kentucky but excluding Texas, capital in Richmond, Virginia.

The Republic of Texas, Texas and Oklahoma, capital in Austin.

The Republic of the Middle Atlantic, Maryland, West Virginia, and Delaware, capital in Annapolis

The Republic of Cascadia, Washington State, Oregon, and Idaho, capital in Olympia.

The Republic of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, capital in Harrisburg.

The Republic of New York, New York and New Jersey, capital in Albany

The Republic of New England, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maine, capital in Boston

The Republic of Vermont, capital in Montpelier

The Republic of New Hampshire, capital in Concord

The Federal Republic of the Midwest, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas. capital in Madison

The Republic of Utah, capital in Salt Lake City

The Republic of Nevada, capital in Carson City

The Republic of the American Southwest, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, capital in Santa Fe

The Republic of the Rockies, Montana and Wyoming, capital in Cheyenne

The Republic of California, capital in Sacramento

The Republic of Puerto Rico, capital in San Juan

The District of Columbia, City-State comprising Washington D.C.

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