20th Century


1965: Kingdom of Ireland annexes Northern Ireland.

September 1966: The German Civil War occurs in the German Democratic Republic.

1966: Indian Civil War begins.

1966: Kingdom of Scotland builds the New Hadrian's Wall.

1967: The American government overthrows the presidential government installing a totalitarian regime.

1967: Arabia is created.

April 1967: The German Civil War ends.

1968: India is split into: Royal Republic of India, Republic of India, Social Republic of India and Kingdom of India.

1969: The Republic of Germany is created.


1970: United States invades Mexico to gain more control.

1970-1977: Arabia unites Iraq, Iran, Tajikistan, Bahrain, Pakistan and Kuwait to Arabia.

1973: The Republic of Germany takes control and annexes the land

1974: United States annexes Canada.

July 1974: A revolution occurs in the south east of Germany led by a man called 'Bannan Schmidt' or, by his title, 'Führer'.

October 1974: The south east of Germany breaks off becoming the 'Fourth Reich'.

1975: Hindu Republic of India is created.

1975: United States annexes Greenland.

October 1975: A revolution takes place in Belize. America invades Belize.

1976: United States officially becomes 'United America'.

1979: The Scottish/Irish Invasion of United Kingdom of England and Wales. In September, the War of Great Britain and Ireland starts.

1979: The Imperial Republic of Poland is created.


1980: Arabia starts collapsing. To gain control, it becomes the 'United States of Arabia'.

1983: Poland invaded Germany, starting the Polish-German War.

1984: Hindu Republic of India declares war on United States of Arabia starting the 'Indian-Arabian War'.

1984: English saboteur detonates a Scottish experimental chemical missile in Scotland.

1986: The Polish-German War ends.

1986: Scotland launches the finished chemical missile at New Manchester.

1988: People's Republic of China and People's Republic of Thailand declare war on the United States of Arabia.

1989: Kingdom of Scotland and Kingdom of Ireland unite to become the 'United Kingdom of Scotland and Ireland'.

1989: The Indian-Arabian War ends with an Indian victory.


1st January 1990: A German agent shoots the Führer, killing him instantly.

March 1990: The Fourth Reich declares war on Germany, starting the Reich War.  

1997: The New Ottoman Empire declares war on the New Soviet Union, over a dispute of land.  

1998: The United States of Arabia declares war on the New Soviet Union.  

21st Century


2005: Soviet-Ottoman War ends in a stalemate.

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