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End of the Revolutions:

Following the 1848 Revolutions, many new countries would be formed in the wake of the old order:

  • The German Confederation would be reorganized into the Empire of the German Nation, with the Kingdoms of Prussia, Austria, Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemburg, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Oldenburg, and Saxony as its states.
    • Poznan would be freed from its union under Prussia, and reorganized as the Grand Duchy of Poznan, a semi-autonomous nation headed by the royal family of Poland-Lithuania.
    • Bohemia-Moravia would be reorganized into the Grand Duchy of Bohemia, in a personal union with the Kingdom of Austria
  • The Austrian Empire would be dissolved, and succeeded by the Democratic Empire of Hungary, a libertarian nation dedicated to freeing the Balkan nations from Ottoman rule.
  • Napoleon III would become Emperor of France, and the French would return to Bonapartist rule.

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