Kingdom of Portugal
Reino de Portugal
Timeline: The Sky Filled With Stars

OTL equivalent: Portugal
TSFWS Portugal Flag TSFWS Portugal COA
Flag Coat of Arms

Continuamos vitorioso (Portuguese)
("We remain victorious")

Capital (and largest city) Lisboa (Lisbon)
Other cities Beja, Évora, New Faro
  others Spanish, Yoruba, Malagasy, Swahili, Abyssinian, English
Religion Catholicism (44%), Tribal animism (39%), Atheism (15%), Other Christian (3%), Jewish (<1%)
Ethnic Group Yoruba, Portuguese, Ashanti, Gogo, Yao, Sakalava, Merina, Makonde, Amhara, English, Marathi
Demonym Portuguese
King João XI
  Royal house: Aviz
Area 1,890,711 km2
Population 27,890,120 (2008 census) 
Established 868
Time Zone UTC
Calling Code +121
Internet TLD .pt
General History: Portugal suffers severe depopulation, Catholicism suffers drastic regional changes as people alternately revert to primitive superstition or become religious fanatics, subsisting off food taken from the corpses of the "heretics" whose houses they burned. This period is relatively brief, and begins to come to a close with a coup by the king's cousin in 1458 who starts to crack down on the murders and re-establish communication with the Papal See. The country's unity is finally restored by a Galician invasion (1468) when the king rallies the citizens to repel the invaders, which they do handily., The rest of the 15th century is spent re-establishing relations with England and enforcing its naval supremacy in south-western Europe. The 16th century opens with a fleet of 6 ships rounding the west of Africa and setting up a fort at the mouth of the Niger river. Further Portuguese colonies were set up along the coast of the Congo. As explorers searched through the interior of the continent, they found wild tribes untouched by civilization (a fascinating account by one of these explorers detailing the history of a small jungle kingdom states that their legends said that their people were subject to a great kingdom to the north until the gods intervened and brought ruin upon their nation; this "ruin" is usually thought to be the Barawi asteroid impact).

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