Kingdom of Portugal
Timeline: Bella Gerant Alii
Flag Portugal (1495)
Flag of Kingdom of Portugal
Location of Kingdom of Portugal
(and largest city)
Language Portuguese
Religion Roman Catholicism
Ethnic Group Portuguese
Demonym Portuguese
Government Absolute monarchy
  Royal house: House of Aviz
House of Braganza
Independence from Galicia
  declared 1139
The Kingdom of Portugal is a country that exists in the Bella Gerant Alii timeline. It is a transcontinental empire owning vassals and dependencies on many continents.



Overseas territory

Overseas colonies

Portugal maintains vast overseas colonies that contribute to its wealth.

Portuguese Brazil

The Portuguese have a large foothold in Brazil.

Portuguese Africa

The Portuguese own large portions of southern Africa, ruling from the Atlantic to the Indian ocean. The Portuguese also own the Canary Islands, Sao Tome and Cape Verde island groups

Portuguese Aden

After the fall of the trading power Mascat, Portugal purchased a significant territory from Hindustan, giving it a base to operate in the Arabian Sea

Portuguese Timor

The taking of Timor from rival trading nation Malacca, resulted in a trading and military base in the East Indies.



The Mapuche unified the tribes of Araucania and Patagonia with the help of the Portuguese, exchanging Lusitanian protection for arms and resources.


The Sultan of Zanzibar declared independence and approached the Viceroy of Portuguese Africa for aid. They received military and financial support in return for protectorate status. The Sultan also accepted Catholicism into his realm.

Other Portuguese possessions include the Azores.

Foreign Relations

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