Portland is a major city in Cascadia. With a population of over 5.1 million people, It is the third largest city in Cascadia and the seventh in the United States, after New York, Los Angeles, Sitka, Port Superior, Port-du-Orientals), and Mikhailgrad the second-to-last of which is the largest city of Cascadia. Portland is also the capital city of Cascadia. The city was one the southernmost settlements in Russian America. Only Evgenigrad could be found south of it. Portland was initially established in 1773 by Ivan Kuskov and the same crew that would discover the Australasian continent in 1769. At the time, it was called Ross. The initially small village soon boomed a fishing town, and became one the largest Russian American cities, fourth after Sitka , Beringia , and Mikhailgrad , and above Petropavlovsk . After coming under American control, the Russian population would become outnumbered by incoming Americans, and city's name was changed to Portland to reflect anti-Alyeskan and Russian sentiment. The population of Portland significantly decreased during the massive Northwestern Gang Wars of the 1920s and 30s. The massive crime rate of the city further worsened during the Great Depression, and the problem was not rectified for about a decade, until the Alyeskan Exodus . Thousands of immigrants forced their way into the city, and several became vigilantes as they fought to stay in the city. Governor Sergei Ulyanov started a massive program to solve the crime issues. He later became the Senator of Cascadia and campaigned within the state to end the massive crime in the city and nearby Mikhailgrad . The crime rate eventually dropped very low in the 1970s, and today Portland has the ninth-lowest crime rates in the United States.