Stonewall Jackson Bendann

Stonewall Jackson (Hero of the South)

1863, the Battle of Chancellorsville occurs between the United States and Confederate States of America, and following the Union rout from the battlefield and Stonewall Jackson chased down until dusk. On his way back to the Confederate camp, a Confederate sentry asked for identification (which they did in OTL) and the group identified themselves as Stonewall Jackson (which they did in OTL), and the sentries allowed Jackson's group in (unlike OTL, how they said it was a Yankee trick and opened fire, wounding and eventually killing Jackson).

Following the victory at Chancellorsville, Stonewall Jackson led his army to the Battle of Gettysburg. The leadership of Jackson aided the Confederate States in a victory at Gettysburg and forced the United States to a ceasefire.


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