This is the Portal Page for the TL Pauvre Monde. It examines the world and how it would be affected if Napoleon had been able to defeat the British fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar. In this timeline, he conquered all of continental Europe, brought England "down on her knees", devastated the mighty Prussian and Russian Empires, and brought an new era of peace called Pax Francia to the world.

Contemporary Era and the Present Day

It is the the year 2000 AD is the 3rd Millennium. In the French Empire, in Paris, the Emperor watches over the world with the world's largest military in total, and the second-largest nuclear stockpile at his command. His secret police killing hundreds of Germans, Austrians, Portuguese, Spanish, and British descendants, while the French take over the homes of the prosecuted and killed. The United States, backed by the second-largest military, and the largest nuclear stockpile, protects the word "democracy" from the French who want to bring it down. The Chinese, built upon by expansionist and violence, third-largest military, and the third-largest nuclear stockpile, and the Chinese army killing all non-Chinese, including Japanese and Koreans, by their Emperor's order. The Japanese, the peaceful but deadly nations, who believes in equal rights is bordered by the monstrous Chinese nation, but is willing to die to the last man for the freedom of all people.

—General Ewan McGregor

The current period in the year is the "Contemporary Era", which spans from the 1970's to the present, and has been named the era where everything changes. The first war for independence from their oppressors, the curing and/or "fighting back" numerous of diseases, including cancer and AIDs. Technological advances continue, and some scientists label it the "Era of Advancement". The development of high-energy weapons, genetic engineering, particle physics, and the possibility of reaching the stars in the near future.

Even with these advances and accomplishments, war and disease still ravages the planet. The Saudi-Iran War continues, and talks to end it have stalemated once again. The Asian Bird Flue and Swine Flue are serious problems to the world, and even with the cure of AIDS, other diseases, some even deadlier continue. The sea levels have risen to dangerous heights, causing the construction of the New York, Washington D.C., Paris, Tokyo, and Beijing Flood Walls.

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