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Points of Divergence

On September 25, 1933, the Nationalist Revolutionary Army launched a fifth military campaign against the Jiangxi province - at the time called the Jiangxi Soviet - to eliminate the unrecongized country in question. The encirclement strategy that General Chiang Kai-shek had adopted from the Kuomintang's German advisors: Hans von Seekct and Alexander von Faulkenhausen was successful, with the Nationalist forces defeating the Chinese Red Army in multiple battles and skirmishes across the province of Jiangxi.

The Point of Divergence for the Nationalist China TL occurs during the final phase of the Fifth Encirclement Campaign, in which the spy network embedded within Kai Shek's headquarters failed to report to Zhou Enlai that Chiang was preparing for a final push against the Chinese communists. This counterattack occurred in October of 1934 when the Nationalist military launched a final offensive against the Communists. They were caught completely unprepared and were decisively eliminated.  

At the end of the Fifth Encirclement Campaign, Mao Zedong and most of the Communist Party's leadership were killed or captured by Nationalist forces. Due to the lack of leadership and organization, the remnants of the CPC fled into the mountains of the Jiangxi province, where they were finally destroyed by General Chiang in December of 1934. 

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