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The United States of America, the world's only superpower.

What if the United States is the world's only superpower? Not just one, but many divergences over time keep this nation as the world's only major superpower. In a world where the United States is the only Major Power, nothing stays the same!


The Point of Divergence occurs right after World War II. The USSR in OTL begins to dig for Uranium in order to begin making their own nuclear arsenal, in order to challenge the US. In OTL, they are successful and by 1949 have the Bomb. In this ATL, they find none and after years of search they give up, unable to continue the expensive searches. It is then discovered that Uranium can only be found in Scandinavia, North America and Oceania. Now faced by America and her nuclear armed allies, the USSR becomes nothing more than a puppet of the west. This leads to a divide among the Soviet population, which results in a bloody five year Soviet Civil War. The USSR collapses in 1961, and the Cold War is declared over. The governments of Eastern Europe soon fall, and arise again as democratic and capitalist states. German unification occurs after nearly 20 years of separation, this event inspires many Europeans into considering a one government Europe in order to keep peace on the continent.

Meanwhile in North America, the USA is still enjoying the post-World War II economic boom, which is even doubled by the fact the USSR has collapsed, leaving America the undisputed world power. Mexico and Canada begin to experience the effects of the many rapidly happening world events. Great Britain is becoming highly involved in European affairs and as such, Canada starts to see the United States as a better alternative. Mexico is suffering economic troubles and the much better off US is seen as a way to end it. The Canadian Prime Minister, the Mexican President and President John F. Kennedy (who escaped the attack in Dallas due to Lee Harvey Oswald not being employed and trained by the USSR and Cuba) meet in Topeka, Kansas in 1964 to discuss Mexico becoming a state and Canada a commonwealth. The process is finished within two weeks of the start.

Back in Europe, there is now active chants for a unified Europe. Germany and France start the process by signing the European Economic Military Pact, which unites their armies under a single command and merges their economies into one. Within three months, Austria, Italy, Denmark and the low countries join it. Great Britain, Spain and Portugal remain divided over it, but many do call for at least observer status in the Pact. By March of 1965, the Pact is renamed the European Union and all countries in Europe (minus the aforementioned ones, the Soviet breakaway states, the remaining Soviet Union and Scandinavia) have joined the Union. Meanwhile, the Soviet Union continues to be eroded from within after the Baltic states, the southern Crimean states and the Ukraine break off. The remaining Red Army units attempt to bring these break away republics back into the USSR by force, but are largely unsuccessful. Food and fuel shortages contribute to the rising dead toll, even though the US tries to help by sending aid. Soon, the crisis grows more desperate as the land east of the Urals breaks off into a new nation, claiming to be the Russian Federation. Battles occur all across the Urals as the USSR and the Russian Federation battle it out. This is further complicated by American support for the Russian Federation, which is a capitalist and democratic nation. This crisis continues to take USSR on a path to oblivion. In Europe, Scandinavia finally joins, with Iceland also joining. Spain and Portugal also join, but Great Britain and the Danish Territory of Greenland remain out.

When pressure from Denmark starts on Greenland, Greenland completely secedes and begins talks with the US in order to become a self-governing commonwealth. Greenland is accepted by the US, but Europe lodges a official complaint at the UN. This causes tension between the two powers, with the US seeing Europe as ungrateful and Europe seeing the United States as arrogant. The situation is further increased after European protesters outside US Military Bases in Europe attack - and kill - 3 US Soldiers at different bases. The US goes into a uproar, and demands Europe to apologize for the murders. Europe refuses, demanding the US remove the entire US military presence in Europe. This is the final straw and in June 1966, the US announces it is cutting relations. Within weeks, US President John F. Kennedy (who won his bid for a Second Term) announces the start of a new Cold War, as the new Iron Curtain descends over the Atlantic Ocean. The American military is brought back up to standards, after having declined since the USSR started to crumble. The American military budget is increased to over a 700 billion Dollars.

Meanwhile, the United States decides to form a new power block by settling the war between the Russian Federation and the USSR. Through political and economic power, the US brings many of the of the former SSR's back into the USSR and begins to send aid to the damaged nation. In exchange for this help, the USSR adopts several democratic and capitalist elements in its constitution and accepts the Russian Federation as a sovereign nation. The US also arranges for a joint meeting between the USSR, the US and the Russian Federation to be held in December at Seattle, to discuss a military and economic alliance between the three states. A short meeting is also held in Nome, Alaska three weeks before the actual meeting in order to decide on a few things, such as letting more nations attend. It is decided to invite Japan, Korea (which was unified under a democratic rule, due to US help to South Korea and no Soviet help to North Korea), Australia, Vietnam (also unified under much of the same circumstances as Korea), and New Zealand. The final details are made and the meeting is set.

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List of Nations (America the Great)

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