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The Point of divergence in the Timeline 1879: Agreement regards the Treaty of San Stefano, signed in 1878.In OTL, it would be revised, creating the Treaty of Berlin.In 1879, Russia and Germany would sign the Dual Alliance.In ATL, Russia also would be entering in it, in what would be called the Triple Alliance.

As a consequence, the World War I would happen earlier.The Triple Entente would be formed, but with Italy, France and Great Britain.the Ottoman Empire would side with France and Great Britain.

The Triple Alliance would win the World War I, while United States stayed neutral.The World War II (fought between the Axis, formed by France, Italy and Spain and the Triple Alliance, formed by the United States of Greater Austria, Germany and Russia) would happen, and the United States stayed neutral again.After that war, Italy would be dismembered into several minor states.

There are also some minor points of divergence, listed here;Brazil and Mexico remain being monarchies (at least in this ATL).about Mexico;well, it still would have most of the territories of the OTL First Mexican Empire (excluding Belize and parts of Texas).Brazil also wouldn't become a republic.the Peru-Bolivian Confederation also remain existing.

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