The Porta Rican Separation was when Porta Rico split into two states.

Pre Separation

Porta Rico was voted to no longer be just American territory, but now an American state. But Port Rico being a state didn't go as well as the country had hoped. Northern Porta Rico had different ideas about the government than the south. This eventually caused arguments.

The Discussion

There were many ways the government had come up with to stop the arguments, but the most most popular idea was to split Porta Rico into two states. The only problem was that South Porta Rico would be very small, smaller than Rode Island. But the population was still a hight number. When taken into vote it was voted the Porta Rico be split up. North Porta Rico would be the thirty first state and south Porta Rico would be thirty second.


With a thirty first and a thirty second state, a new flag with thirty two stars had to be created. A large contest was held to create a new flag. But new states were added before the contest was finished so the US had move the contest to 2017 to make sure no more states would be added during the contest.

Year Event
2009 Porta Rican Expansion
2010 Porta Rican Separation
2011 Texan Struggle, Alaskan Uprising
2012 Baja Rebellion, Texan Expansion
2013 South Texan Rebellion
2014 South Texan Rebellion, South Californian Expansion, US Virgin Island Debate, Technology Islands Creation
2015 Hawaiian Separation
2016 Alaskan Separation

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