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OTL equivalent: Annapolis Royal
Flag of PortRoyal TBAC COA of PortRoyal TBAC
Flag Coat of Arms
Skyline of Port-Royal.
Country Prinsenvlag New Orange
State Flag of Acadia East Acadia
Language Dutch, French
Founded 1632
Population 415,800  
Time zone Atlantic Time (UTC-4)
Port-Royal (Dutch: Poort-Royaal) is the capital of and largest city in the New Orangite state of East Acadia. It is located on the coast of the Bay of Fundy, and on the the Sieur-de-Mons River.


French era

The original French settlement at present-day Port Royal, known as the Habitation at Port-Royal, was settled in 1605 by François Gravé Du Pont, Samuel de Champlain, with and for Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Mons (whom the Sieur-de-Mons River was named after). The Port-Royal site is within present-day Downtown. It was probably the site of the introduction of apples to Canada in 1606. The settlement grew and became the capital of the French colony of Acadia.

Dutch era

Port-Royal was captured by the Dutch during the Vermont War, its surrender marking the Dutch capture of Acadia. After the war, Acadia was incorporated into New Netherland. Port-Royal continued to grow as a port city, and in early years became a deportation center during the Expulsion of Acadians to Lower Louisiana.