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World Population.

The hominid population of Earth in 2012 is much less than in OTL, mainly because of shorter life spans, especially among the Supians. Also, limited mating between the five species accounts for lower birthrates.

Species Population Percent of World Pop. Ethnic Groups
Mirian 865,000,000 34.6 % Pandic, Oceanic, Islic
Rhesian 698,000,000 28.0 % Lemuric, Oranic, Gorillic
Hombrian 560,000,000 22.4 % Arabic, Persic, Sumeric, Hindic
Thallian 295,000,000 11.8 % Alpic, Himalayic, Siberic, Arctic
Supian 80,000,000 3.2 % Koalic, Wombic
Half-Breed 24,000 0.001 % Any combination of the above
Total 2,498,000,000 100 %

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