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Popular Republic of the Isle of Man (Separatist Boom)

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This is one of the only European Communist nations that survived to the fall of the USSR
Popular Republic of the Isle of Man
Timeline: Separatist Boom

OTL equivalent: Isle of Man
Flag of the Isle of Man.svg Coat of arms of the Isle of Man
Flag Coat of Arms
S.b isle of man
Location of Isle of Man

Whithersoever you throw it, it will stand (English)

Anthem "O Land of Our Birth (English)

Arrane Ashoonagh dy Vannin (Manx)"

(and largest city)
  others Manx
  others Roman Catholic
Ethnic Groups
Manx and British People
  others Irish and South Africans
Demonym Manx
Government Socialist Presidential Republic
  legislature Red House of Doolish
President David Cretney
State Councillor Adam Wood
572 sq km
  water (%) n/a
Population 80 085 hab
Established 1765
Independence from Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
  declared 19th February 1987 (Declaration of Independence)

24th February 1987 (Communist Government Post)

  recognized 22nd February 1987
Currency Manx Pound
Time Zone +0 (UTC+0)
Calling Code +62
Internet TLD .manx
Organizations United Nations and NATO

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