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956-964 John XI (*OTL John XII, murdered)

964-965 Benedict V (disbandened the Holy Roman Catholic Empire of the West in favor of the Byzantine-sponsored, Sicily-based Western "Roman" Empire)

965-972 John XII (*OTL John XIII)

972 John XIII (shortly, deposed)

972-974 Benedict VI (strangled)

974-996 Benedict VII

996-1013 John XIV (*OTL anti-Pope John XVI)

1013-1024 Benedict VIII

1024-1032 John XV (*OTL John XIX)

1032-1038 Benedict IX (deposed)

1038-1040 John XVI (deposed and mutilated)

1040-1044 again Benedict IX (murdered)

1044-1060 John XVII the Confessor (*OTL Silvester III) (exiled by George Maniaces in OTL Crimea, 1057-1060)

1060-1061 Nicholas II

1061-1062 John XVIII (*OTL Alexander II)

(ousted 1062-1063 by anti-Pope Honorius II)

1063-1073 again John XVIII

1073-1085 Leo VIII (*OTL Gregory VII)

1085-1099 Urban II

1099-1118 Paschal II

1118-1120 Gelasius II

1120-1122 Paschal III (*OTL Patriarch Gerard of Aquileia)

1122-1130 Honorius II

1130-1138 Schism: two Popes (Anacletus II in Rome, Innocent II in Pisa)

1138 (anti-Pope Anacletus III vs. innocent II)

1138-1142 Innocent II in full right

1142-1143 Innocent II vs. Augustine II

1143-1144 Augustine II

1144-1153 Dominic I (St. Bernard of Clairvaux)

1153-1154 Anastasius IV (Corrado della Suburra)

1154-1159 Adrian IV (Nicholas Breakspeare)

1159-1181 Alexander II (Orlando Bandinelli, *OTL Alexander III, in exile up to 1171)

1159-1164 Honorius III (Ottavio di Montecelio, *OTL Victor IV, Lesser Norman anti-Pope in Rome)

1164-1171 Augustine III (archbishop Peter V Primate of Africa, Lesser Norman anti-Pope in Rome)

1181-1182 Innocent III (Lanzone da Sezze) vs. Dominic II (*OTL Lucius III, Ubaldo Allucingoli from Lucca)

1182-1185 Dominic II (*OTL Lucius III, Ubaldo Allucingoli from Lucca) in full right

1185-1187 Urban III (Umberto Crivelli from Milan)

1187-1198 Leo IX (Giacinto Bobone, *OTL Celestine III)

1198-1205 Paul II "the Saracen" (*Zachary of Igilgi, not existing OTL)

1205-1221 Urban IV (Cencio Savelli, *OTL Honorius III)

1221-1227 Leo X (*Ranolfo, bishop of Benevento; not existing OTL)

1227-1233 Dominic III (*Giacobbe Marino, archbishop of Palermo; not existing OTL)

1233-1240 Silvester II (*Lanfranco archbishop of Ravenna, not existing OTL)

1240-1241 Urban V (*Goffredo Castiglioni archbishop of Milan, not existing OTL)

1242-1255 Urban VI (Sinibaldo Fieschi, OTL Innocent IV)

1255-1262 Urban VII (Jacques Pantaléon, OTL Urban IV)

1258: Rome destroyed by Mongols, Papal court relocated to Bardapolis (*OTL Tunis)

1262-1271 Dominic IV (Albert Magnus, in Bardapolis)

1271- Alexander III (Jacob de Urgel, Latin patriarch of Jerusalem, not existing OTL)

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