Pope Pius IV
Timeline: Tudor line

Pius IV
Portrait of Pope Pius IV

24 November 1523 - 17 May 1530

Predecessor Adrian VI
Successor Alexander VII
Born 26 May 1478
Florence, Italy
Died 17 May 1530
Rome, Papal States
 Giulio di Giuliano de' Medici was born on 26 May 1478 as an illegitimate (Under our modern law) son of Giuliano de' Medici, his father killed exactly a month earlier, he was the adopted and raised by his uncle Lorenzo the Magnificent and was raised as a brother instead of a cousin of the future Pope Leo X. Later a religious uprising occurred which made them leave Florence, with the help of Leo's tutor Pope Julius II they came back, only to be recalled for a new Papal election ending in Leo's election. The whole time Pius was secretly selling the Papal jewels behind Leo's back while he was enjoying his feast. To pay the bills, however, Leo needed to sell something only he could sell (indulgences). This eventually led to outrage and Protestant Wars which lasted until his election, at this time these Lutherans called their leader (in reality forced to do it by them) Martin Luther the rightful Pope Martin VI. He wanted to end all problems of the catholic church, so he went on crusades against the Lutherans and funded Louis II of Hungary agaist the Turks. He however caught measels while in Bavaria, he retired into Rome where he died in May 1530 to the Lutherans happiness which turned into utter hatred of his succesor Alexander VII.