Pope Gregory XIII
Timeline: Tudor line

200px-Juan García Loaysa - Kardinal
Painted as the Archbishop prior to his election.

11 February 1539 - 6 July 1544

Predecessor Alexander VII
Successor Innocent IX
Born 1478
Talavera de la Reina, Spain
Died 6 July 1544
Rome, Papal States
 García de Loaysa was born near Toledo in 1478 to nobles, he was put to the Dominicans early in his youth and then to St Paul in Penafiel at age 17. He became the Master of the Order of Preachers (aka. Leader of the Dominicans) at age 30 and held this position until 1524. Eventually he became an Archbishop in Seville where he remained for a long time. Eventually raised to the position of Cardinal by Joanna I's request to Pope Alexander VII. Eventually many of his fellow cardinals saw his diplomatic skills in contrast with Alexander's wrothness. When Alexander was apparently killed, the vote was almost 100% for García. He took up the Gregory name to honor Gregory XII who tried to end the schism of the time. Unfortunately his reign was short lived and diplomacy failed. In 1543 when he ordered celebration after Casimir I of Hungary defeated the Turks near the Danube. He later caught an illness and to great sadness died in 1544. His succession was disputed and took over five months (14 December 1544) and the Pope Innocent IX turned out to be an utter disaster.