Pope Adrian VI
Timeline: Tudor line

Hadrian VI
Portrait of Pope Adrian VI

9 January 1522 - 14 September 1523

Predecessor Leo X
Successor Pius IV
Born 2 March 1459
Utrecht, Holy Roman Empire
Died 14 September 1523
Rome, Papal States
 Adriaan Florenszoon Boeyens was born in Utrecht on 2 March 1459. He was a cardinal until the age of 63 and elected pope Leo X, who caused the rebelions against him after 95 Theses of Martin Luther, when Leo died in 1521, he was elected by almost everyone, even Leo's cousin and his eventual succesor Pius IV. He was unlikely to stop the Protestant Wars as he mostly ignored it as a minor problem which will soon be sorted, unlikely to do much, he only ruled briefly and died in 1523. Pope Pius IV took a rather more realistic approach to Lutherans.