This timeline is generally focused on pop culture and has several different PoDs. In short, legendary music icon Elvis Presley dies during the 1936 Tupelo-Gainesville tornado outbreak, multiple wrestlers stay alive, and a bunch of other various PoDs in different sections of entertainment.

Music PoDs

Elvis Presley PoD: On April 5, 1936 at around 10:00 PM. An F5 tornado is raging through the town, but somehow a young Elvis Presley and his immediate family survives the twister. What if the family's shotgun house was destroyed in the disaster?

Sports PoDs

Pro Wrestling PoD: On October 14th, 1986. Terry Wayne Allen, wrestling as Magnum TA in the NWA, crashes into a telephone pole. After his Porsche loses control in the rain, while driving back home. TA's subsequent serious injuries and retirement would shape many of the pushes in the NWA and in WWF. But, what if he was able to handle the Porsche and was able to miss the telephone pole completely?

NFL PoD: From 1990 to 1993 the Buffalo Bills made four consecutive Super Bowl appearances back to back, however in all four appearances they never once won the Super Bowl. At Super Bowl XXV in the last seconds of the game, 20-19 in favor of the Giants, Bills kicker Scott Norwood attempts to make a 47-yard field goal to win the game. In OTL he misses the field goal by a single yard. However what if with a final last push by his line he is able to gain a precious few seconds to readjust and is able to make the football through the uprights and helps snag the Bills their first Lombardi Trophy?

Film PoDs

Comic PoDs

Video Game PoDs

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