Duchy of Pomerania
Herzogtum Pommern
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Duchy of Pomerania
(and largest city)
Official languages German
Regional Languages Polish
Ethnic groups  German, Polish
The Duchy of Pomerania is a vassal state under the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Bavaria. Established in the twelfth century, the Duchy occupies a coastal land split between Germany and Poland. This position is reflected by its diverse ethnic composition, with a western-based German population, and an easterly Polish population.

As the centuries wore on, the Duchy became a prominent part of the Holy Roman Empire, eventually finding itself under the sovereignty of either Scandinavia or Austria. By 1653, Pomerania was once more under foreign hands when Bavaria vassalized the Duchy following a war with Austria.

In the eighteenth century, Queen Frances I von Wittelsbach was able to successfully reserve the Duchy for crown heirs after her husband, son of Duchess Mary, died of plague and the ensuing succession crisis damaged the stability of the realm.

Dukes of PomeraniaEdit

Dukes under Bavarian sovereignty (1653 - Present)Edit

  • King Leopold II von Wittelsbach (1653 - 1657)
    • Klara von Eggenburg
  • Duke Franz-Ballard I von Wittelsbach (1657 - 1697)
    • Mary Whitham
  • Duchess Mary I von Wittelsbach (1697 - 1736)
    • Henry von Hamburg
  • Duke Franz-Heinrich I von Wittelsbach (1736)
    • Queen regnant Frances I von Wittelsbach
  • Regency Council (1736 - 1746)
  • Duke Franz-Hector I von Wittelsbach (1746 - Present)