The Polynesian Empire
Polynesian Empire

The Tu'i Tonga empire leads a successful strike on northeast Australia, halting the inward collapse as rice plantations are created on the coast. The plentiful food allows for more specialization of labor. Polynesia becomes a cultural and economic powerhouse. An age of aggressive expansion begins, in which the Tu'i Tonga invade New Guinea, New Zealand, and Sulawesi. Due to public approval of the new empire, Havea 1 is never assassinated. Tu'i Tonga comes in contact with many aboriginal tribes of Australia, leading to many small wars. Eventually, they secure central Australia. Southern Australia and Tasmania are also taken by a strike force in New Zealand. Timor and other small Indonesian islands are added as well. The southern coast of Kalimantan is quickly seized. Soon, an invasion is prepared to overwhelm Java. The empire gets most of the eastern coast, but was stopped by a coalition army at Borobudur and retreated back to the coast.